Meet and greet...Urban at Request

Meeting a variety of people is one of my favorite parts of working in fashion. On one of the last shoots I worked on I met Urban. His name is actually Emiliano but in the modeling world he goes by his last name. Here you will be able to read the Q&A in english and in his own words in spanish.

-Where are you from? I'm from Argentina; I was born in a town called Bahia Blanca, 700 kilometers south of Buenos Aires.
-How long have you been modeling? I recently started, almost a year
-What did you do before modeling? I played professional soccer for 5 years in soccer clubs in Buenos Aires and one in Bogota, Colombia. I'm a web designer, it’s my job and I enjoy it so much, it’s my passion.
-How did you start modeling? I was discovered by chance, they saw my photo on a website and then found out who I was and contacted me.
-You were Calvin Klein exclusive for the Fall/Winter and Spring/Summer runway shows, what does this mean for your career? It’s something very positive for my career as a model, it’s important to surround yourself with talented people who make this event (fashion) an artistic phenomenon.-Who have you worked with? I've worked with Dean Isidro, Bradford Gregory, Greg Vaughan,the Argentines Rodrigo Carmuega and Chino Moro, Thomas Iannaccone with Alex Badia as stylist for WWD and well, with you and GQ Style with Chad Pittman and David Bradshaw as stylist.
-What has been your favorite experience so far? I think being faced with the magnificence of the cities and monuments that identify themselves as such, they are places able to absolutely move you.-What music are you listening to on your Ipod? Jazz & Reggae
-What do you do during the photo shoot? I Read, I listen to music, I like talking with people from other parts of the world, learn about their customs and cultures. B&W images by Rodrigo Carmuega.

-De donde eres? Soy de Argentina, nací en una ciudad llamada Bahía Blanca, a 700 kilometros al sur de Buenos Aires.
-Cuanto tiempo has estado modelando? Hace poco que empecé, casi un año
-Que hacías antes de modelar? Jugué futbol profesional durante 5 años,en clubes de Buenos Aires y en uno de Bogotá, Colombia. Soy diseñador de páginas Web, trabajo también de eso y disfruto mucho haciéndolo,es mi pasión.

-Como empezaste modelando? Me descubrieron por casualidad, vieron una foto mia en la web y luego averiguaron quien era y se contactaron conmigo
-Estuviste modelando exculsivamente por Calvin Klein, que significa esto para to carrera? Es algo muy positivo para mi carrera como modelo, es importante rodearse de gente talentosa que hace de esta manifestación(la moda) un fenómeno artístico

para to carrera? Es algo muy positivo para mi carrera como modelo,es importante rodearse de gente talentosa que hace de esta manifestación(la moda)un fenómeno artístico
-Con quien mas has trabajado? (revistas, fotografo etc.) He trabajado con Dean Isidro, Bradford Gregory, los argentinos Rodrigo Carmuega y Chino Moro, Thomas Iannaccone con el estilismo de Alex Badia para WWD y bueno contigo para GQ Style con Chad Pittman y David Bradshaw en el estilismo.
-Cual ha sido tu experiencia favorita hasta el momento? Creo que encontrarme ante la magnificencia de las distintas ciudades y monumentos que las identifican como tal, son lugares q logran conmoverte absolutamente.
-Que música estas escuchando en tu Ipod? Jazz & reggae
-Que haces durante los photo shoots (entre las fotos)? Leo,escucho música, me gusta dialogar con gente de otros lugares del mundo,conocer sus costumbres y sus culturas. images by request model management blog/


  1. Vamoooo emmiiii, jajajaj tiranos unos pesos a los pibes de la davinci

  2. Y LOS CHICOS DE KM5!!!!

  3. que lindo que es!! es de villa urquiza este chico??



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