Meet and Greet...Brittain Ward at Wilhelmina

I met Brittain on a shoot not to long ago. He was a pleasure to work with and I asked him a few questions for the blog. Keep an eye out for this up and coming model.

-Hometown: My father was Marine Corps so I call no place home. I've moved 18 times but currently I'm in NYC.
-How long have you been modeling? I've been modeling for about a year and a half now.
-How did you get started? I was scouted while in college I had a job as a waiter and someone stopped me and gave me a card.
-Who have you worked with? GQ Style, German GQ, Russian GQ, Details magazine, Esquire, Abercrombie, Calvin Klein.
-What did you think about the fashion industry before you were a model? I never really thought about the industry before I started I was in a small town and had no aspirations or interests involving fashion. After being immersed in it though, I've learned that any career in fashion is unforgiving and trying at times.
-What do you do when your not modeling? I read a lot, I just finished this book Outliers which was amazing. I'm pretty simple, I don't really go out to Manhattan that much. I prefer spending time with my college friends back in Jamaica Queens where I live( 50 cent's old hood hahahaha).
-What's on your playlist? My playlist is all over the place Anita Baker, ACDC, Project Pat, Pink Floyd, Billy Holiday, Louis Armstrong, lil' Wayne 8 years before he became well known, and a lot of old Cash Money Records and Three 6 Mafia.

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