A Male Model's Fall Must-Have

Take cues from these male models from Soul Artist Management as they tell us in these interviews their must-haves this fall. Guys, these are some great options you should add to your wish list- stat.

Topcoat- Bespoken | Shirt- Belstaff | Jeans- Levi's | Watch- Skagen | Bracelets- Scocha

Dan Murphy

Hometown: Sarasota, Florida
Instagram/Twitter: @DanMurphyModel

What is your must-have item this fall? Why?
My style is very simple but I love to add a bit of sophistication to it, so my must-have item for fall is a topcoat. I like to wear tailored coats in darker muted colors like olive and burgundy because it's a subtle way to add luxury to a basic look.

What do you do when you're not modeling?
I model full time, so most of my days are spent either in the studio or on the road for work. On an off day I try to spend it with friends or family. Food is another passion of mine, so I love exploring new restaurants as I travel around the world. When I'm home in NYC, I  like to spend an evening with friends and taking cooking classes.

Where is your favorite place to spend the holidays?
I have a house in Florida near my parents and grandparents that I enjoy spending time at over the holidays. Since I travel most of the year, it's important to me to take some time off and spend it with loved ones. While I'm in Florida I make sure to watch the sunrise on the beach with my morning coffee. It's a great break from NY snow!

Parka- Alpha | Shawl Collar Cardigan- Turnbull & Asser | V-Neck- Parke & Ronen | Beanie- Adeen

Austin Scoggin

Hometown: Sherwood, Oregon
Instagram/Twitter: @AustinJScoggin 

What is your must-have item for this fall? Why?
My must have item for fall, is beanies. Beanies are great for fall because they add some style to every outfit and they keep me warm.

What do you do when you're not modeling?
When I'm not modeling I'm either cooking, at the gym, watching Netflix/YouTube, or out with friends.

Where is your favorite place to spend the holidays?
My favorite place to spend the holidays is wherever my family is.

Jacket- Calvin Klein | Hoodie- Parke & Ronen | Shirt- Burton

Mitch Baker

Hometown: Edmonton Alberta Canada
Instagram: Mr_MitchBaker

What is your must-have item for this fall?
My leather jacket.

What do you do when you're not modeling?
I love nature so I jump at any opportunity to go to the mountains or get out on the water. I also spend a lot of time reading. I'm fascinated by the way people think and interact so I am usually reading something that has to do with how the human mind works. Staying fit is another thing I spend a lot of time doing when I'm not modeling. I do hot yoga once a week in addition to my usual gym sessions. I also love to dance, I may not be any good at it but I still have fun doing it.

Where is your favorite place to spend the holidays?
Surrounded by my family and friends. But one year I would love to spend the holidays on a surf and yoga retreat in Bali or Costa Rica.

Photography: Ty Mecham
stylist: Alejandro Lopez
Grooming: Sarah Salice

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