3-Ways To Wear MonkStraps

Let's talk about the classic and dapper monkstrap. This style is not only for going to work. Here are three different ways to wear them and get the most out of them. These particular monkstraps are very special, you see, these were especially made for me. True story. The Left Shoe Company, is a made to measure shoe company. I had the pleasure of meeting with them and going through the experience. You first put on a yellow and green pair of socks with a grid on them, step on to their special imaging machine and it takes care of the rest. In a few minutes they have all your details and go over what styles are best suited for your feet. I chose the monkstraps and they fit amazingly! With the holidays just around the corner you should put this on your wish list.

What you don't see are the no-show socks from Mack Weldon. Don't be a hero, wear socks.

Sweater- J.Crew | Pants- Club Monaco | Bracelet- Ted Baker

Monk straps are always appropriate for work. Note the floral tie from QP Collections.

Give them a more rugged edge and wear them with jeans.
Shirt- Uniqlo | Vest- Asos | Jeans- Jacob Davis | Watch- Timex

And by all means wear fun socks! Socks- Richer Poorer
photos: Phillip Van Nostrand

Relaxed Fall Look

Although it might be raining and cold in the Northeast I know that's not the case for the rest of the world. For those of you who can enjoy light layers this look is for you. For everyone else, I want to introduce you to .Bk (pronounced dot Bk). These shirt makers have made it their mission to make quality shirts in smaller quantities and at better prices. The shirt I'm wearing is nice and soft. I love the contrast pocket for that extra unique take on an oxford.

Shirt- .Bk | V-neck- MeUndies | Sunglasses- Classic Specs

Jeans- Alberto | Shoes- Tsubo 

Aunque esta lloviendo en el noreste del pais yo se que no esta lloviendo en todas partes. A todos aquellos que pueden evitar de usar abrigos este look es para ustedes. Para el resto de ustedes les quiero presentar las camisas de .Bk (se pronuncia dot B-K). Esta compañía ha podido hacer pocas cantidades de camisas a precios impresionantes y de muy buena calidad. La camisa que tengo puesta es de un algodón suave y es bien comoda. Me encanta el detalle de el bolsillo que contraste con el resto de la camisa.

Sneak Peek at Bonobos Spring 2015

At the Bonobos Spring '15 Presentation I got to see their take on what we'll want to wear next spring. You'll find All-American pieces like the denim jacket in a variety of shades. Florals, will also make an appearance in not-so-subtle patterns but in an ever-so-cool vibe. The collection is all about layering and using great natural fabrics. You'll be set to spend a chilly night at the Hampton's or Martha's Vineyard or for the hot days which are sure to come. Here are a few of the looks that caught my eye.

Spring and stripes are always going to go hand in hand.

Cord shorts, yep, you should try them out too.

If you don't already get yourself some white denim.

This cardigan is a great transitional piece.

This suit looks even better in person.

Men's Grooming Arsenal

Like it or not we men have to up our grooming game. To start, I tried out a couple of grooming products specifically for shaving because I have to do it every couple of days. I've used the Gillete blades for years and then got introduced to the Micro Touch One Blade. The classic look is great and I love the feel of it as I shave. For shaving cream the Super Close Shave Formula from Baxter of California works really well. I used it with their Badger Shave Brush which made it all very old-school and results in a smooth close shave. As for aftershaves aside from moisturizing I'm particular about scents, my favorites are the Baxter's After Shave Balm citric scent and Blind Barber's Aftershave because of its mint scent. In-between shaves I maintain the scruff with the Phillips Norelco Multigroom trimmer. They are all absolute musts in my shaving arsenal.

For skin care my dermatologist recommended for my dry and sensitive skin Eucerin Professional Repair and Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleanser- it's simple and it works. For body washes AXE's Black Chill shower gel is one to consider. As for hair products I was recently introduced to Canadian brand AG Style (also available in the US). They have a lot of great products, like the Shampoo & Body Wash and Conditioner & Shaving Lotion. I'm a fan of combo products, it makes life simpler. I also use their Stucco matte clay paste for a firm hold, love the earthy scent. I found that Suave Professionals MEN line also has a great styling gel and like its medium shine. Baxter of Califonia's Cream Pomade is another great one. It has a soft hold and feels really light. I use it practically everyday. 

Sometimes, all you need to do is go to your neighborhood big box store and find the grooming products you need but making the extra effort and finding the brands I mentioned above in the long run will help you look better and really that's what it's all about.

Portraits by Richard Gerst.


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