Timo's Picks at the CFDA Retail Lab

Timo Weiland known for his updated take on American classics partnered with online eyewear brand Zenni Optical and created a curated collection called Timo's Picks and is part of the Council of Fashion Designers of America (CFDA) Retail Lab in NYC. Timo took the time to answer a few of my questions about his picks and his experience at the retail lab.

Designer- Timo Weiland

What made the styles you selected stick out from all the different styles available at Zenni?

The whole concept of Timo's Picks center around the styles from Zenni's plentiful range that Donna, Alan and I covet the most for every occasion. The assortment is an authentic reflection of our combined personality and our multifaceted lives in New York City- architecturally inspired with a fun colorful and textural twist.

Which ones are your favorite out of all your picks?

My personal favorite are the woodacre sunnies for a day at the beach and the tortoise browline frames for day to night adventures in the city.

The Woodacre Sunnies

Do you see yourself delving in to designing eyewear in the near future?

Optical is definitely a category Timo Weiland would like to explore with our designs. Zenni has been a phenomenal partner to us as a brand, so naturally we look forward to exploring other ways to collaborate in the future.

How was your experience having your collection available in the CFDA's Retail Lab in NYC?

The CFDA Retail Lab has been an unparalleled learning experience for us as a brand- not only was it successful financially, but we faced a new challenge everyday while being able to experiment with different activation strategies throughout the 10-week term. We are honored to have had this opportunity and thankful that Zenni was on-board with us. We collectively gained a tremendous amount of exposure + new fans & clientele. 

The Zenni Optical - Timo's Picks

Brooklyn Mornings With Andrea

Andrea Denver at Soul Artist Management enlisted to show us some great looks for fall. Whether you're looking to get a new suit or replace the coat you've had since college take a look to find some of your new favorite pieces for the season.

Photographer- Erik Carter
Stylist- Alejandro Lopez

Suit and Shoes- Bar III | Turtleneck- David Hart

Top Coat- Combatant Gentleman | Shirt- Matiere | Chinos- Outerknown | Shoes- Aldo

Jacket and Sweater- Belstaff

Coat- DROMe | Sweater- Belstaff

Get Ready for Fall with Banana Republic

Fall is just around the corner and I can't wait. The leaves will be changing colors, the air will get a little crisper and it'll be time to start layering. Banana Republic invited me to pick a few of my favorite pieces from there Fall collection. Their classic chino in this great plum color was an easy choice. Once I saw the oxford tuxedo shirt I had no doubt that was coming home with me. Lastly, the cable knit sweater in a melange grey felt so soft to the touch and elegant; it'll be great for years to come. It really didn't take long to find pieces I loved that I'll be wearing throughout the season.

Photographer: Erika Dickstein 


My Swim Trunks Be 3D Poppin'

Don't say good bye to summer just yet! These swim trunks and shirt from Original Penguin will have you holding on for a bit longer. Inspired by 3D movies, the patterns include film reels, camera, popcorn and more. I loved wearing the shirt and trunks. If you're into these you'll have to check out the rest of the 13 piece collection which include oxfords, polo, jacket and even underwear.

Photographer: Erik Carter

Oh yeah! Almost forgot, a pair of 3D glasses is included with each piece. How else will everyone really see the 3D magic?

I added this awesome blue watch from Nixon, the color just adds enough pop!


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