Sneak Peek at Bonobos Spring 2015

At the Bonobos Spring '15 Presentation I got to see their take on what we'll want to wear next spring. You'll find All-American pieces like the denim jacket in a variety of shades. Florals, will also make an appearance in not-so-subtle patterns but in an ever-so-cool vibe. The collection is all about layering and using great natural fabrics. You'll be set to spend a chilly night at the Hampton's or Martha's Vineyard or for the hot days which are sure to come. Here are a few of the looks that caught my eye.

Spring and stripes are always going to go hand in hand.

Cord shorts, yep, you should try them out too.

If you don't already get yourself some white denim.

This cardigan is a great transitional piece.

This suit looks even better in person.

Men's Grooming Arsenal

Like it or not we men have to up our grooming game. To start, I tried out a couple of grooming products specifically for shaving because I have to do it every couple of days. I've used the Gillete blades for years and then got introduced to the Micro Touch One Blade. The classic look is great and I love the feel of it as I shave. For shaving cream the Super Close Shave Formula from Baxter of California works really well. I used it with their Badger Shave Brush which made it all very old-school and results in a smooth close shave. As for aftershaves aside from moisturizing I'm particular about scents, my favorites are the Baxter's After Shave Balm citric scent and Blind Barber's Aftershave because of its mint scent. In-between shaves I maintain the scruff with the Phillips Norelco Multigroom trimmer. They are all absolute musts in my shaving arsenal.

For skin care my dermatologist recommended for my dry and sensitive skin Eucerin Professional Repair and Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleanser- it's simple and it works. For body washes AXE's Black Chill shower gel is one to consider. As for hair products I was recently introduced to Canadian brand AG Style (also available in the US). They have a lot of great products, like the Shampoo & Body Wash and Conditioner & Shaving Lotion. I'm a fan of combo products, it makes life simpler. I also use their Stucco matte clay paste for a firm hold, love the earthy scent. I found that Suave Professionals MEN line also has a great styling gel and like its medium shine. Baxter of Califonia's Cream Pomade is another great one. It has a soft hold and feels really light. I use it practically everyday. 

Sometimes, all you need to do is go to your neighborhood big box store and find the grooming products you need but making the extra effort and finding the brands I mentioned above in the long run will help you look better and really that's what it's all about.

Portraits by Richard Gerst.

Bring Home Uncommon Goods

I've known of UncommonGoods for a few years now. The wide array of items you can find at their site is composed of a lot of products made by hand and also made in the USA. They are also huge fans of items made from recycled materials and/or upcycled materials. I was asked to highlight some the items that caught my eye from their Gifts For Men ideas which you can find here. As I was browsing on the site I tried imagining how certain items would look in a living room. UncommonGoods does not limit the scope of its items and so I had a lot to choose from. You can find fashion accessories like the Reveal Watch. Home decor is one of their strengths, I particularly like the ballpark blue prints collection, scratch map and auto timing chain and gears. One of my friends has the moustache mug and believe it or not at a small get together we had a blast trying to guess who those famous mustaches belonged to. For a more practical choice I think the drift wood charging dock is a nice change to the boring docks out there. It's not hard to imagine great finds from UncommonGoods at home. Discover more of UncommonGoods and their Gifts For Husband, here and Gifts For Dad, here.

Por algunos años he conocido de el sitio web UncommonGoods. La gran variedad de productos que puedes encontrar en su sitio web incluye productos hecho a mano y también hecho en los EEUU. A ellos les encantan cuando algo esta hecho de materiales reciclados. UncommonGoods me pidió escoger algunos de mis productos favoritos. En lo que buscaba por el sitio web me imaginaba como esas cosas se verían en una sala. UncommonGoods no se limita en los tipos de productos que venden. Podras encontrar accesorios como relojes como el Reveal Watch. Decoraciones para el hogar es una de sus especialidades, por ejemplo los planos de estadios de béisbol, un mapa donde puedes rascar donde has viajado, y en reloj echo de engranajes de una bicicleta. Uno de mis amistades tiene la taza con los bigotes y fue tan divertido tratar de adivinar a quien le pertenecía esos bigotes. En un punto mas practico me gustó el cargador en forma de un pedazo de madera, que original! No es tan difícil imaginar UncommonGoods en tu hogar. Echale un vistazo a su ideas de regalos para el esposo, haga clic aquí y regalos para padres, aquí.


Take It Easy- A Loungewear Story

From personal experience the colder it gets outside the more likely I am to stay indoors. While you're at home you might as well be as comfortable as possible and that's where loungewear comes in to play. Every guy is different and there are a slew of choices from robes, to lounge pants and muscle tees. You'll have even more loungewear options when matched with underwear. Check out some different options on how to take it easy at home with the help from Tani, Mack Weldon, MeUndies, Turbull & Asser and more.

Robe- Turnbull & Asser | Boxer briefs- Tani | Necklace- Title Of Work

Tank- Eleven Paris | Lounge pant- Tani 

Muscle shirt- Tani | Briefs- Mack Weldon

T-shirt- Burton | Pajama pants- MeUndies | Bracelet- Title Of Work

T-Shirt- Gents | Cap- Burton | Boxer Briefs- Champion | Sneakers- APL | Bracelet- Title of Work
Photographer- Andrea Willardson
Model- Mason O'Sullivan
Stylist- Alejandro Lopez

Personalmente, cuando el clima se pone mas frió yo tiendo a salir menos de la casa. Si te vas a quedar en casa mejor estar lo mas cómodo posible ahí es cuando piensas en loungewear. Cada chico es diferente y por eso hay tanto para escoger como las batas, pijamas y camisetas. Uno tendrá aun mas opciones cuando lo combinan con ropa interior. Echale un vistazo a estas opciones de como relajarte en la casa con la ayuda de Tani, Mack Weldon, MeUndies, Tunrbull & Asser y muchos mas.


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