Grooming Essentials via Bespoke

When I was a poor college student I used to place my toiletries in a plastic grocery bag and pray nothing opened while in transit and ruined my clothes. Those days are behind me now that I invested in a Dopp kit. This month's Bespoke Box brought a Blue Claw Co. dopp kit filled with top notch grooming products. They include some familiar names and some that deserve your attention. You'll get to try out Mitch products Double Hitter 2-in-1 shampoo & conditioner and their construction paste. The Base Light Daily Refresh Bar Soap with peppermint will keep you clean and fresh along with the Maapilim face Cleanser and Marvis Classic Strong Mint toothpaste. The contents of this box will help you travel like an adult and look great day to day.

Razor not included

The Weekender- Bespoke Post

Guys, it's officially summer! This means, BBQs, rooftop parties, and (hopefully) some trips. In this month's Bespoke Post box, the coveted Line of Trade weekender bag arrived. The canvas body as it breaks in will have a beautiful patina and genuine leather trims will age nicely. The design was inspired by the bags stonemasons used to carry their tools. This bag has me all excited for the weekend trips in the near future. Can't wait for the adventures that await!

Line Of Trade- Weekender Bag #BoxOfAwesome

Bespoke Post: Viscata Espadrilles

Hola Amigos! This month's Bespoke Post box item hails from the land of Spain. Viscata Sitges Espadrilles are my first pair of espadrilles and I 'm excited to try them out. That's one of the great things about Bespoke Post, the access to special authentic items you would normally not know where to get.

The espadrilles are handcrafted by Spanish artisans and made with a light weight cotton canvas upper and 100% jute sole to make these another great footwear option for the summer season. Espadrilles have been around for hundreds of years and a staple in the Mediterranean. Let's show them how it's done in this side of the pond.


How to Wear Men's Espadrilles Tips:

Where to wear them: Poolside, ocean side, farmer's market, anywhere chill
What to wear them with: shorts, swim trunks, khakis, rolled up jeans
When to wear them: as soon as it gets warm
Why wear them: Their classic, to replace the old flip flops, you're an adult

Stay Dry and Proud With Helmm

You'd never think that a deodorant could be associated with luxury. The people at Helmm have elevated this daily used grooming product to new luxurious heights. Nickel-plated zinc and beautiful hand-stitched leather make up the exterior while the deodorant itself is available in variety of aluminum free and antiperspirant scents. To boot, the refillable cartridge uses 60% less plastic. In addition to keeping you dry, Helmm will keep you proud to help the environment. Get this for yourself, as a gift or better yet, both.


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