Made In The U.S: Bluer Denim

July has come to an end and so this month's series of Made In The U.S concludes with Bluer Denim. What better way to finish off this celebration of American made products than by featuring a great denim brand which also has devised a way to help those in need, with their Buy One, Give One initiative. When you buy a pair of jeans from Bluer you can use the box your new jeans came in and use it to ship them your lightly used jeans. They'll inspect the jeans and if they qualify they'll send you a discount code of  $5 dollars off your next purchase, sanitize the jeans and donate them to someone in need.

I wore my pair of Bluer denim on a trip to the Natural History Museum in NYC. I kept the look simple and rolled up jeans to show just a bit of my bright blue socks from Mack Weldon and wore the Black Hook bracelet from Giles & Brother

Jeans- Bluer Denim | Shirt- Club Monaco | Bracelet- Giles & Brother

Socks- Mack Weldon | Shoes- G.H Bass Bucks

Men's Accessories for Summer

From personal experience summer in New York is extremely humid as well as in Miami so I've had to think of ways to amp up a simple t-shirt and jeans look. Below are some options for your consideration. Try any combination of these or all of them at once. The point is that each piece is strong enough by itself or can compliment another accessory and of course what your wearing. The goal is to make a statement without having to add more layers of clothing and melt while you're outside. These suggestions will help you stay cool out there!

Durante el verano he experimentado unos veranos extremadamente húmedos en Nueva York y Miami entonces he pensado en diferentes manera de no vestir tan básico con los accesorios adecuados. A continuación hay algunas opciones que puedes considerar. Prueba cualquier combinación o todos a la vez. La meta es que cada accesorio sea lo suficientemente interesante solo o que complemente los otros accesorios y por supuesto lo ropa que tengas puesto. Mantente lo mas refrescado posible sin tener tanta ropa puesta.

Made In The U.S: Ernest Alexander

The month of July is almost coming to an end and with that also the Made In The U.S series on Adentro Style. It is with great pleasure that I highlight Ernest Alexander who has recently become a member of the CFDA! Since he started making bags 5 years ago in the NYC's Garment District he has expanded his repertoire and is making accessories and clothing for men. Featured here is one of his travel bags. With a great eye for detail the brown leather handles/shoulder pad and twill fabric go hand in hand to create the perfect overnight bag.

El mes de julio esta pronto por terminar y también la serie en Adentro Style, Made In The U.S. Con gran honor quiero introducirte a Ernest Alexander que recientemente formo parte del CFDA (Council Of Fashion Designers Of America)! El empezó haciendo bolsos hace cinco años en el Distrito de Moda de Nueva York y desde entonces a expandido su marca para incluir accesorios y ropa masculina. Aqui les presento uno de sus bolsos ideal para viajar. El diseño es simple pero lleno de detalles como la combinación del cuero y la tela.

Add Some Color To Your Summer

Summer is a great time to wear color- do not be afraid of it! For a more subtle approach to color watch out for the intensity of the colors. This look includes a rich green pair of chinos with a light blue oxford shirt and red sunglasses for a touch of contrast. 

Note- The oxford shirt is a must-have for summer, especially one that is made of Egyptian cotton like this one from Hugh & Crye. The medium weight of the fabric makes it a great option for the warmer climate. Also, you can't go wrong with a light blue shirt. They work well for adventures around town during the weekend and for more professional settings during the week. 

Shirt- Hugh & Crye | Chinos- GAP 


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