A Guide To The Bonobos Guideshop

You're probably familiar with Bonobos' website and catalog and well you should be. Although they are known for great fitting chinos, Bonobos offers a wide variety of clothes for golf to the beach to even black tie affairs. Recently, they've expanded the world of Bonobos and started opening Guideshops throughout the U.S including their newest addition of their flagship Guideshop on 5th Ave, in New York City. I visited their Brookfield Place and the 5th Ave Guideshop locations. They're both great and worth checking out! Here's what to expect and how to get the most out of your first appointment.

The first floor of the new 5th Avenue Guideshop in NYC.

The second floor of the 5th Avenue Guideshop's Suiting destination.

Get the lay of the land...
No matter the size of the Guideshop take your time and walk the whole store and soak it all in. In addition to the meticulous details on the clothes you'll also see it in the design and how they curate each Guideshop.

Ask questions...
The Guides are extremely helpful and knowledgeable, they know the products and fits like the back of their hands. They will not steer you wrong.

Step out of the fitting room...
There are no mirrors in the fitting rooms (gasp!) You'll have to come out of the fitting room to see how you look in front of the 3 way mirror. The Guides will be able to better help you determine if that's the best fit, style or color for you.

Leave happy...
Once you figure out what are the best fits the next step is selecting your favorite colors or patterns. Bonobos loves color and patterns, and you'll love their options.

Everything you've chosen is just a click away...
The Guides will place your order and within a couple of days it'll get delivered to you home or office. As simple as that!

The Brookfield Place Guideshop.

Elements Of A Kick A** Rooftop Party

Summer in NYC means longer days, hotter nights and rooftop parties! After much thought and planning I threw myself a birthday rooftop party last week, because yolo. Thanks to the following key elements the party was a total success!

Location, location, location…
I was able to find an amazing rooftop in SOHO that my dear friends at ASTRSK PR allowed me to use.

Let them eat…donuts!
I reached out to The Awkward Scone and they made their noteworthy birthday donuts and mini donuts. Everyone was raving about how delicious they were and they guiltlessly had more than one. So don't bother getting a birthday cake- that's old news. And don't even get me started on ice cream cakes. Think of the mess, think of your guests!

Mouth watering- Vanilla glazed and black currant glazed mini donuts.

While we're on the subject of delicious treats…
Let me introduce you to Michel Et Augustin, they are new to the states coming from a faraway land known for tasty treats, France. I had to share with my friends my discovery. They're chocolate cookies brought the savory selections to new heights. Their individual packaging made them great for the party. 

Chill out…
It's summer and one of my main concerns were the beverages. I needed something big enough that I knew would keep them cold all throughout the party. Enter, Icemule Coolers. Not your old school metal bucket these Icemules were just the ticket. I had dozens of cans and they all fit and were ice cold all night long. Which meant one less thing for me to worry about.

Photos by Marieli

Eat, drink and play games…
Have you ever heard of the Kooba Game? It was a lot of fun to have some at the party. Everyone was new to it so it was great to have everyone on the same playing field. Guests enjoyed learning together! It's like darts but with sticks. 

The darts or as they call them Aeros have 3 magnets when you throw them to the board they stick!
I had two sets of the Kooba Game because I didn't want there to be a long line. 
What to wear, what to wear…
I knew this was a burning question, haha. I kept it simple with a Mack Weldon t-shirt. Actually, I wore two just in case the temperature dropped. It was in the 60's- I was so comfortable. I got compliments all night long as people gave me hugs. "Your t-shirt is so soft" all night long. I also had some Frameri shades on hand. Needles to say, I was smiling all through the night.

Preppy Style: Lighter Fabrics In Warmer Weather

It's time for lighter fabrics and colors in your wardrobe. If you're going for a preppy look but in a more subtle way, try these out. First, a tie with a whimsical print like the one below from Artfully Disheveled is as masculine as you can get. Add some white canvas sneakers which are the epitome of prep style like the ones I'm wearing from Tretorn. Last but not least a stripe oxford shirt and chinos. For you guys in warmer climates look for lightweight chinos like these from Life/After/Denim, they make all the difference. Now, you're set!

The bigger picture: Shirt- J.Crew | Tie- Artfully Disheveled | Chinos- Life/After/Denim

Get the details: Watch- Skagen

A step in the right direction: Shoes- Tretorn
Photos by HAGUE NYC

Mack Weldon's Next Level T-Shirt

Fashion icons like James Dean and Marlon Brando have shown us how cool we can look when wearing a t-shirt. The masterminds at Mack Weldon have made it their business to take the t-shirt to the next level and so they have. They've added something special to their t-shirts that make it ideal for the hot summer that awaits us- silver. Silver makes their t-shirts antimicrobial and anti-odor, which will be music to your nose when riding on the New York subways when its 97 degrees outside. Now you're ready for summer.


Details, Details! The ladder stitch.

photographer: Erika Dickstein at HagueNYC


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