Custom Made Gift Guide

It's true, you can unwrap a shirt or suit on christmas day but be unsure its going to fit right. Imagine how great it would be to get a shirt, suit, bracelet and even a pair of shoes made specifically for you. At Alton Lane you'll find a great space to chill while choosing fabrics and cuts of your next favorite suit. Marcella offers custom shirts and even custom polos! In my backyard, El Vagabundo Brooklyn will make every bracelet by hand and to your exact measurements. And don't get me started on shoes. They can be very tricky but at the Left Shoe Company their technology guarantees the right fit and you'll have a wide selection of styles. I think it's worth considering these custom made items and now for sure that they'll fit and look great.

Women's Gift Guide: One Size Fits All

With the amount of ladies I have in my life this strategy has proven to be very successful. Don't buy gifts with a size- buy accessories. They can get themselves their own sweater or blouse. Get them that extra something they would normally not splurge on. I looked high and low and found these great pieces. At C.Wonder you'll find clothes but also a variety of monogramed things, like a stationary. They'll love the opportunity to write their thoughts down on personalized paper. Find unique and beautiful jewelry at Deszo by Sara Beltran like this petite shark tooth necklace. Also, you can keep her warm with an ever popular infinity scarf from Michael Stars. Does she love purses? She'll want to add this one from Rafe to her collection. For the techy girl in your life, Kate Spade has some clever covers that will surely bring a smile to her face. You're welcome.

Men's Gift Guide- One Size Fits All

Time is ticking with the holidays just days away. This men's gift guide is all about items where size doesn't matter. He is a suit and tie guy where Lanvin cuff links will be a most welcomed gift? Maybe he's one of those guys with thousands of songs on his playlist and would love a new set of Bose earphones. A young professional will be very appreciative of a brief case as cool as one from Ben Minkoff. A reversible Top Man scarf is practical and stylish, the youngest to the oldest man on your list would wear proudly. If he's in to baseball, look no further, the ball park blue print from Uncommon Goods is a all you need. And lastly, help him add a bit of style to his wardrobe with a Miansai bracelet, tell him all the cool kids are wearing them.

Engineered For Motion FW14

Blazer- EFM | Sweater- Jack Wills | Jeans- ASOS | Sneaker- PUMA

EFM (Engineered for Motion) is a brand you should have on your radar. Made with the the contemporary man in mind, EFM is not only about aesthetics but also function. I picked a few pieces for this editorial that I felt every guy needs like a navy blue blazer, red knit pants with a rib cuff, the trouser with matching stretch blazer and the light weight raincoat. All essential pieces and with cool fabric updates. Check out the rest of the collection at EFM website.

Pants- EFM |  Sneakers- PUMA

Suit- EFM | V-Neck- Michael Stars

Raincoat- EFM | T-Shirt- MeUndies

Suit- EFM | Beanie- Men In Cities | Fingerless Gloves- Marc by Marc

Photographer- Phillip Von Nostrand
Stylist- Alejandro Lopez


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