WOOLRICH Turns 185!

There aren't a lot of companies that can say they're celebrating their 185th anniversary- congrats Woolrich John Rich & Bros.! As part of their celebration an intimate fête was held at the Soho, NYC location. To make the festivities extra special Fashion Illustrator Blair Breitenstein aka @Blairz showed drawings inspired by the Fall 2015 collection. Josh Rich 8th generation descendent of John Rich who founded the Woolrich Company took a moment to answer a couple of questions about the 185th anniversary collection.

Rocco Scazzariello, Blair Breitenstein and Josh Rich

-What elements from the archives were used in the FW15 collection as part of the 185th anniversary?

The Hunting Coat and Hunting Vest in Traditional Woolrich Hunting Check which is part of the Pennsylvania Tuxedo. Also different blanket patterns that were used as lining in the Arctic Parka.
The Greenlander Stripes (pop color stripes on cream color Wool) which were mainly used in the 70’s for Coats and Blankets. Also, different blanket patterns from the Civil War series in Wool Coats and linings.

-What piece from the collection would you say everyman should own?

Definitely the Arctic Parka which is an absolute timeless piece that can be worn for every occasion and with every kind of outfit.

-Which are your favorite pieces?

Different interpretations of the classic Arctic Parka in Stretch Cordura and Gore Tex and there are also very soft and luxurious Cashmere sweaters.

--As a bonus I also asked Blair Breitenstein a few questions about her great illustrations too!

-You typically focus on womenswear illustrations, how was it for you to interpret the Woolrich woman and man?

The Woolrich man was easy to interpret for me because the Arctic Parka is essentially the same on a man or a woman! I simply sharpened the edges on the men's faces and shoulders to enhance the masculinity of the sketches... To create a contrast to my round slim female figures. I exaggerated square shoulders and jawlines on the men wearing the Pennsylvania tuxedos as well.... Just because I like to exaggerate! 

-Will you be doing more menswear illustrations in the near future?

I still prefer drawing women's clothing to men's clothing...I just find them more interesting in the way of shape/ volume and color. 

-What's your favorite piece from the FW15 collection?

I loved the Woolrich Mink, black and red polka dot cape! 

Backstage: Public Schools With Aveda

NYFW week was filled with great moments. For me it was awesome to be invited backstage by Aveda to the Public School NYC Spring/Summer 2016 fashion show. This was a very different experience from past backstage experiences. Due to the fact that this was the women's show I had no idea at the magnitud of the show. It felt like there were twice as many...everything! The show space was huge and I felt like I walked a block once inside the actual building to get to hair and makeup. The Aveda team was on point like chic little worker bees. I was told that they added male models the day before the show. Which is fair because there were female models at the men's show...just saying. Aveda's Global Artistic Director created for the show a strong rope braid. "The nomadic sensibility of the Public School Spring/Summer 2016 collection allowed for a beautiful yet resilient style. This is the girl everyone wants to be," said Ruiz. The show was a hit in every way.

Ruiz demonstrating the first steps to the rope braid.

It seriously takes a small army to get everyone ready.

There was a frenzy backstage documenting each look.

And yes, there were some male models in the show like Yuri from Re:Quest Models.

Male model Erin Mommsen with Re:Quest

Mad about Skinny Tie Madness

Come to think of it I have a few reasons why I'm mad for Skinny Tie Madness. First, they have a huge array of choices. If you tend for the more conservative side you'll find repp stripes and cool plaids. For the more adventurous types they have a bunch a fashion forward prints and colors. I chose some of my favorites and as you can see there are a lot to choose from. The price point is another reason this company is noteworthy at $29 or less they are definitely worth your attention. Now you can add Skinny Tie Madness to your sartorial go-to list.

Ahora que tomo un momento hay varias razones que estoy loco por Skinny Tie Madness. Primero que todo, ellos tienen una gran variedad de estilos para escoger. Si tiendes a corbatas mas conservativas encontraras patrones preppy de rayas y cuadros. Si quieres ser mas aventurero veras que hay muchas opciones también. Escogí algunas de mis corbatas favoritas que me llamaron la atención. Otro punto importante es el precio. La corbata mas cara es $29 dólares! Añade esta compañía a tu lista para cualquier necesidad que tengas de corbata, pañuelos y accesorios.

Roadtrip: The Grand Canyon

Let me just start by saying, if you've never been to the Grand Canyon do yourself a favor- add it to your bucket list and make it happen. I finally understand what the word breathtaking means. When I first arrived clouds overhead and even then it looked amazing. Once the clouds moved and the sun shined through the canyons splendor was in full force. It was late afternoon which ended up being perfect because sunset was just a couple of hours away. I heard the best place to see the sunset was Desert View Point. It certainly was. As the sun set every couple of seconds the colors in the sky and in the canyon changed to purple, pink, green and blue hues surrounding everyone there as the sun continued to descend and it was magical.

T-shirt- Penfield | Shorts- J.Crew | Belt- Mission Belts | Shoes- Palladium | Backpack- Fjall Raven

So lucky to have shared this trip with my little sister!

Jacket- Penfield

I heard the best place to see the sunset was Desert View Point. It certainly was. As the sun set every couple of seconds the colors in the sky and in the canyon changed to purple, pink, green and blue hues surrounding everyone there as the sun continued to descend and it was magical.


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