Interview | Fabrice Tardieu

Fabrice Tardieu has been working in the fashion industry for over a decade. In 2004 he started a shirt company, Bogosse that was sold in Neiman Marcus, Saks Fifth Avenue and Nordstrom. He then decided to go to the next level and in 2014 created his own namesake collection found at select Neiman Marcus throughout the US. Fabrice Tardieu has taken his travels and cultures in to designing a collection with a combination of street wear and tailoring. He took a moment to answer a couple of my questions about the brand.

Who is the Fabrice Tarieu man?
The Fabrice Tardieu man is successful, confident professional that understands how to dress smart without a suit and tie and takes pride in wearing crafted menswear featuring outstanding quality and fit. 
Fabrice Tardieu is designed to be easily integrated into professional wardrobes but to also serve as standout pieces for casual weekend wear.

What inspired the Fall 15 collection?
My Fall/Winter 2015 collection is the result of my love and passion for different art forms, cultures and aesthetics. For over a decade I have continuously had a vision to design menswear that represents elegance and sophistication while still being young at heart. 
What's your favorite piece from the collection?
This is such a hard question as the collection is so diverse and I love each piece. If I had to choose I would say either the cashmere-jogging suit, kangaroo bomber jacket or pony hair sneakers.

What motivated you to start designing?
I was frustrated with the lack of garments available to men that did not have the detailing and fit that I knew men were seeking most.
Why did you choose Miami as your home base?
As  native Haitian living in Paris for 11 years I knew I had to move closer to family. Miami is a city that   continues to inspire me on a daily basis.

Backstage: John Elliott + Co F/W15

One of the highlights of New York Fashion Week F/W 2015 was going backstage at John Elliot + Co.'s first fashion show. Monochromatic looks hit the runway with some of the staples you've come to love, sweat pants and hoodies but also included pieces that are more technical with new textiles and details. I met up with Brian Buenaventura the lead hairstylist of the Cutler/Redken salon team and asked him a few questions as he prepared the models. This is what it takes to prepare 30 male models to be runway ready.

- It takes about 15-25 minutes per model depending on hair length and texture. This affects the absorbency of the products.

- The look for the show was dewy, fresh, wet look. Think he's in California and just came out of the beach, laid back.

- The main product used to achieve their wet look includes the Redken Diamond Oil.

- There were 9 assistants prepping the models.

- Once the models have been prepped their hair needs to be retouched right before the show.
There was great energy backstage. Everyone knew what they needed to be doing but still had a fun and relaxed attitude. Once it was time for the show to start models were in line ready to hit the runway and make history.

See more of the happenings backstage at AdentroStyle Annex tumblr.

What I Wore: Fashion Week Edition

In my opinion, one of the most important things to remember when preparing to attend fashion week is to feel confident with what you're wearing. There is no point on wearing something "cool" when its not you or its physically uncomfortable. When choosing what I was going to wear on one of the days I was attending shows I reached for my favorite jeans from Jacob Davis. The Benjamin Franklin sweater is from upcoming designer, Fabrice Tardieu added a graphic wow factor. The weather was also something to be mindful of so the extra layers were a must with Isaora, J.Crew, Men In Cities, Rockport and Kaibosh sunglasses. I was warm and felt great going from show to show.

En mi opinión, una de las cosas mas importantes de recordar cuando uno se prepara para ir a los shows de Fashion Week es de sentirse seguro y comodo con lo que tenga puesto. No hay ningún punto en ponerse algo "cool" si es algo que no te sienta y es fisicamente incomodo. Para el primer dia que asistí a los shows me puse mis jeans favoritos de Jacob Davis. El suéter con la cara de Benjamin Franklin de diseñador Fabrice Tardieu añade un factor grafico. Yo tuve que tener en mente el clima por eso me puse Isaora, J.Crew, Men In Cities, Rockport y las gafas de Kaibosh. Yo estaba comodo hiendo de show a show. 

New York Men's Day: Round Up

One of the highlights of New York Fashion Week is the New York Men's Day. This year there were 12 emerging designers who presented their Fall/Winter 2015. It's a feast for the eyes and there is so much energy as all the editors and stylists are running from one presentation to the next in one building and across the street. Here are a few of my favorites from NYMD.

First off is Mexican designer GARCIAVELEZ, this is my first time viewing his collection and I immediately loved it. The color palette of black, grey, and navy were right up my alley. The collection has a strong architectural influence and he juxtaposes different fabrics and textures.

Next is CADET, their F/W 2015 collection was inspired by wartime in the 1940's. You'll find single and double breasted suit, jackets and trousers. Their collection is all about form and function.

Last but not least is LUCIO CASTRO, the collection took cues from the made-for-tv movie "Ubu Roi" by Jean-Christophe Averty in 1965 (It's ok, I've never heard of it either) it's based on the play by Alfred Jarry. "We were taken by it tension between serious and playful, innovative and primitive. And also a sense of alluring repetition that is so relevant right now through the extensive use of gifs and memes."

Very different concepts and source of inspiration but that's the great thing about fashion and the growing number of menswear designers. You will be able to find something that speaks to you. As for me these designers are just some that spoke to me and have me looking forward to Fall 2015.


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