Rock-Chic: Frank & Oak x Dave1

Men's e-tailer Frank & Oak hosted the launch of their newest collaboration on the rooftop of the McKittrick hotel on May 15th. The weather was just right for a rooftop party and this spring rock-chic collection. The Frank & Oak x Dave1 capsule collection includes white jeans, stylish summer blazers, low-cut tees and crisp button downs available as of May 21st. At the event I had the great pleasure to sit down with Creative Director Ethan Song and later with Dave1 (from the electro-punk duo, Chromeo) to chat about the collection.

Ethan Song showing me the collection.

How would you describe the collection?
- This capsule collection is a little different from what you'll find on the site. It's more chic and you'll find black and navy, on the site right now we have brighter colors and sun washed fabrics. Also, the white jeans in the collection are our first attempt at denim.

Do you see more collaborations with musicians in the future?
- Music is a very important part of fashion so you'll see more exciting projects in future.

What's your favorite piece in the collection?
- My favorites are the midnight blue shawl collar blazer and white jeans.

How long did this collaboration take place?
- The process took about 3 months, very fast. It's one of the things about working on-line, it permits us to get things done faster.

You can see why it's their favorite piece.

Dave, how would you describe your own personal style?
- It's a mix of French scumbag with American scumbag

Would you do a collaboration like this again?
-Yes, I love this and would even do furniture design.

Did you do any research before you're first meeting with Ethan?
- I did some research but I essentially created pieces that I've always wanted and never found. Like a well fitting button down that's not too long and not too wide and perfect fitting white jeans.

Which is your favorite piece in the collection?
- My favorite is the midnight blue shawl collar blazer. 

Dave1 and I

Models from L to R- Matthew Hott, Greg Nawrat, RJ King, Bastian Grimal, Xavier Park


  1. The blazer is awesome and I love the pic above with Dave1. He is showing off some bracelets which reminds me of your other posts... men can rock bracelets!

  2. I am in love with that blazer. Dave1's arm candy is amazing.

    Donald of Très Charmant



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