Meet and Greet...Lisa at Madewell

In my adventures in fashion I've meet a variety of amazingly talented and wonderful people. I think the world should meet them. Permit me to introduce you to Lisa Schulner from the women's clothing line Madewell. She took time out of her busy schedule to answer a few questions. Picture by Michael Fine.

-Job Title: Stylist
-Where did you go to school? University of Maryland
-What did you study? Journalism and Fashion
-How did you start working in the fashion industry? My first job was in the fashion and beauty department at Woman's Day magazine. I was so happy to have broken into the industry since I didn't have any contacts or connections. I spent about $100 faxing my resume to every magazine in existence. It wasn't high fashion but Woman's Day turned out to be pretty great. I got to go on market appointments, shoots, and write front of book copy almost immediately.
-What does your role in Madewell entail? I style all of our photo shoots, PR lookbooks, in-house presentations...I used to also conceptualize the store windows and interiors too.
-Do you think there'll ever be a men's line at Madewell? I think Madewell would translate really well as a men's line but I haven't heard any plans for it in the future.
-What do you love about fashion? I love the story fashion tells! I feel giddy at places like the costume institute at the Met or the V & A. It's so exciting to me. It's like I'm reading an epic story of love and wealth and power and poverty and passion. And I feel the same excitement when I see people on the street who's clothing tells their story. Fashion my medium of story-telling.
-How would you describe your style? I love really intense color and exaggerated simplicity. I would transcend space and time if Maria Cornejo designed costumes for Martha Graham and I got first dibs after the show. I love anything that suggests a life spent barefoot on the beach in the warm sunlight. I love leggy vintage skirts and dresses that sit on my natural waist.
-What inspires you? Anything could hit the button. The school kids in India in all of their different uniforms...old batty ladies in the west village...all of the bleached-out vintage colors from the William Eggleston exhibit...

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