Meet and Greet...Tracy at Reebok

-Job Title- Classics Footwear Designer
-Hometown- Miami!
-Where did you go to school? Syracuse University
-What did you study? Industrial and Interaction Design
-How long have you been at Reebok? almost 2 years
-What does your job entail? Our Classics category works on more fashion oriented sport styles and I see a product from initial concept sketches to final development stages (of course, with the help of marketers and developers) I work in both men's and women's categories to design trend appropriate products that reflect the Reebok brand. This also includes putting new twists on styles from our archives in the 80's and 90's which made Reebok popular, such as the Freestyle and the Pump Omnilite.
-Whats your favorite part of your job? The quick satisfaction of seeing a drawing become a real sneaker.
-Which shoe design are you most proud of thus far? I'd have to say that my favorite shoes are probably the ones that never made it to production. Those are the ones that pushed the boundaries the most.
-What's one of your favorite stores? Muji. I like design that is simple, but ingenious.
-What inspires you? People and places. I enjoy traveling to places I've never been and meeting people of other cultures. Seeing different and new things keeps my mind fresh and not only inspires my designs, but also my life.

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