London Calling

On my last trip to London I learned about a store form the family at H&M. COS is for a more clean and streamlined but yet fashionably sensitive male and female customer. Most of the color palette this season consisted of neutrals with a few oranges and coral colors to spice it up. It is a little pricier than H&M but the quality is a lot better, you can tell as you touch the fabrics. The one pictured here is on Regents St. across the street from the first Banana Republic in London.

Just around the corner from COS you can find Liberty. This store is featured in all the tourist books and with good reason. It resembles Barneys but there is a lot more of a variety in merchandise. The men's department has a wide selection of designers and there is a bar on the same level. Once you start venturing around the rest of the store you will find an awesome stationary section along with a fabric department. I saw the chicest ladies there crocheting I thought I walked in to a photo shoot. On one of the exits of the store they even have a flower shop. With its Tudor style exterior and melange of style indoors its a place to go see and probably find some amazing new must-have.

This place is a must see while at London the interior is beautiful. They've done a great job at mixing the original design and integrating a modern flair.

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