Meet and Greet...Marysol Ortiz Fashion Stylist

-Where did you go to school? I went to the high school of Fashion Industries in NYC. a specialized school for design and fashion merchandising. I studied fashion design and pattern making. I decided to skip college, I was so thirsty to be working and "in the field" already!!!
-How did you get started in the fashion industry?After High school I worked at the Juiliard school costume department. There I learned about costume design, getting the attitude and feel right for a character, which has later helped out my styling when it has come to defining a brand and who their customer is or simply helping to develop an bring out ones own "sense of style". From there I met a stylist who introduced to me to the world and the different outlets of "Styling" I assisted for years before making the jump to lead stylist learning all the tricks of the trade along the way.
-What keeps you motivated? Work itself keeps me motivated. I am truly blessed to be one of those people who loves to go to work in the morning. When my creativity is in full swing and outfits come out exactly how I want it, hair and makeup is on point, the model is into it and the photographer is able to capture moments that make all of our talents shine.... that's what keeps me going!!! Its like all the ingredients to a perfect meal. We each bring our own "flavor" and it comes out Delicious!!!!!!For personal clients, when they feel Great about how they look I know I have accomplished my goal... that's also incredible motivation for me. you can dress someone to the nines head to toe but if they don't feel confident or comfortable about what they are wearing; that insecurity shows more than anything... Wear the clothes don't let them wear you, words to live by.
What inspires you? Fashion wise my first inspiration was my aunt in the 80s with her fabulous furs and Chloe sunglasses.(her personal initials on the leans) and my cousin who went to private school and mixed the upper east side with that Bronx hip hop girl style and a little bit of downtown punk... she was my idol...I think its where I get my mix and match style from...Currently I'm inspired by the creative people I am surrounded by... my best friend is a true inspiration. Shes helped me to express myself and realize that my eye for fashion and "what looks good" is truly a talent and it should be used to its full capacity. I admire Do'ers... Diane Von Furstenburg has got to be the epitome of a do'er.. shes all woman and has built and maintained her brand for so long...also for as young as they are the Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen have become inspirations to me. They love fashion and art so much they have immersed themselves completely in that world. constantly learning about and appreciating the great minds of designers and artists. I love the way they have translated all of that into their lines and way of dressing.
-What is your favorite store? I don't have a favorite store. I don't think I ever have. I like to pick a little something from here and there. It ranges from the sneaker spots in Harlem to the vintage shops in l.e.s...
-How would you describe your personal style? Hmmmm, my personal style... it definitely CAN'T be described in one word. I love to mix and match brands and even styles... tastefully of course... take the Bronx B girl, add some upper east side chic, mix it with a downtown funky vibe, a little earth mama hippie and a tad of 70s glam (think Halston feathery hair and glossy lips) Mix all that up and you will get ME...
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