Anna Wintour at 92Y

Last week all the way in the upper east side a group of fashionably sensitive people got together at the 92st Y to listen to Anna Wintour, Editor-and-Chief of Vogue magazine. A friend invited me to come along and listen to the lecture in interview style of the fashion icon. As you may know Anna Wintour is known for always wearing big dark round sunglasses. When she stepped on to the stage she wasn't wearing the glasses and I thought that finally I would get a good look at her face as she talked. To my friend's and I dismay this chance only lasted about a minute. We were seating on stage right while Anna was facing stage left hence her bob covered her face the whole time. The evening went as expected, some PETA people started screaming "Fur shame" and the security guards ran up to the mezzanine to escort them out. Right after that scene she repeats one of her earlier comments, "Fashion means a lot of different things to a lot of different people." The crowd laughed and the show went on.

Was there some amazing insight into her life, no. She was frank about her views and role of Vogue magazine in the world of fashion but took her time to answer every question carefully. She elaborated on the role the CFDA has on helping young designers get recognition and funding to continue their designs through this organization. Also, she has used her influence to organize the industry to unite for causes such as aids and the recent presidential campaigns and a program to hopefully help the consumers feel motivated to go out and shop and therefore help the New York economy. She is obviously a busy woman who has worked very hard to make sure Vogue stays relevant. Anna repeated through the interview that Vogue will not change but is aware of the changes going on in the world. Now, during a run through of the clothes that will be featured in up coming issue she asks how much things cost to have a wider variety of prices. Also, Vogue will institute a new section called Steal of the month featuring an item less the 500 dollars. The interview lasted about an hour and that was enough to get a good feel of where she stands and sees Vogue in the future.

There are a lot of interesting and accomplished people speaking at the 92Y so if you have a chance, go to their site and check out the line up.

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