New in SoHo

Guess what store will be part of the SoHo experience? The clue is in the picture. Yes, Hollister. Instantly I was a bit upset this particular store is opening this summer. I understand that a lot of stores have closed and the economy is slowly getting to a better place but does New York really need Hollister? Broadway was already looking like a mall in middle America and this addition doesn't help. The only thing I think Broadway is missing is Aeropostal. There is one in the Manhattan mall, away, hidden, out of sight and that works for me. I appreciate the jobs it will bring to young people and that it will occupy that vacant building but there are no other major contributions. The clothes are a slightly cheaper version of Abercrombie & Fitch for the Hannah Montana and (the new) 90210 generations. As you walk down Broadway Top Shop has opened its doors for the American public. I was not very excited after seeing what they had. The men's shop is pretty big. There you can find suits, t-shirts, and shoes. It reminded me a bit of H&M but pricier so if you haven't been there yet have that in mind. Right next door the second J.Crew Men's store opened up. Its small and quaint and has a bunch of nick knacks to look at while you find a pair of chinos. So, while the gentlemen go to J.Crew the ladies can go next door to Madewell. This also means the J.Crew store on Prince street will be exclusively women's and kid's. Next time you go down to SoHo you'll see a few new places to check out.

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  1. This has to be one of your best posts ever. I loathe Hollister and love how you refer to it as the A&F for the Hannah Montanas out there. It makes me sad that NY is going so...commercial.



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