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In Confessions of a Shopaholic, Rebecca Bloomwood goes to a sample sale and wrestles a girl for shoes. You'll never have to worry about that if you shop at It's an online sample sale. The sales are scheduled and hundreds of people start shopping the minute the sale starts. You have to be on your A-Game for this. One of their wardrobe stylists is Kelsey:

Job title: Wardrobe Stylist
Where did you go to school?
-San Diego State University
What did you study?-International Business Marketing and Spanish
How did you start working in the fashion industry?
-I starting interning on the Merchandising/Marketing team when Gilt Groupe first started out. Back then there wasn’t a Creative team so I would go to shoots with the buyers to help style and ended up permanently working on the shoots!
What's your role at Gilt?
-To Style out the designer collections for our website from men's, to women's, to still life shoots.
What inspires you?-The fabulous people I work with help me to push my creativity everyday!
What do you love about fashion?
-What I love about fashion is how it makes you feel. It can make you instantly feel beautiful and more confident with a change of an outfit. Plus fashion is just meant to be fun!
What's your favorite article of clothing right now?
-My new Helmut Lang white tuxedo blazer
How would you describe your personal style?
-Gangsta! Jk... Simple and relaxed. I love to wear just one interesting piece a day with an interesting cut or structure to it!

Here are a few of her favorite websites:

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