Model As Muse

Have you been to the Met yet? A few days ago I visited one of my favorite museums in NYC to check out the new exhibit, Model As Muse. It was such a great exhibit. To walk through the different rooms and read up on these models and how they in their special way changed the definition of beauty in the world of fashion was fun. There were some great images and short bios on models, some a little more well-known than others like Twiggy, Kate Moss and Iman to name a few. One of my favorite rooms played the video by George Michael, Freedom! "90". That totally brought me back. I remember when I was younger being so impressed with the video and all the super models especially when the camera is inside the chunky sweater...but now I can tell that I was naive because its very sexy. But I digress. The video showed the 90's and the models of the time. It's totally worth going and checking it out, then stay a while longer and walk around the amazing building that is the Met.

I thought I'll include the song on the post to spice things up a bit...just a bit though.

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