No Pleats Please

The season of interns in our fair cities is way underway. As I ride the metro I see them with hope in their eyes gleefully and with a certain naivete living in the city. I've noticed a trend among them, these guys wear pleated pants! Maybe its a finance/law thing. These are young men wearing pants that are generally a bit too big and to top it off the pants are pleated? Why is that? Why do pleats translate to most people as dressed up? Lets think about this for a second, pleats add volume to wherever they are located. And if the gentleman be him young or old is a little on the heavier side why add more volume to yourself? Stay away from pleats all together. There is no need for them. A friend once mentioned that when he was a kid pleats scared him "why are my pants doing this?" he would ask. I don't think I thought about it much when I was younger, but now I can say that flat fronts are the way to go. The clean lines will not add that which nobody wants, a heavier looking midsection. The fabric of the pants and the color will make it more or less dressy, try it please! Pants- Jcrew.

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