ConAir Steamer

Last week were the holidays and my brothers wedding. The bride to be came from Miami with her wedding dress and told me the dry cleaner was going to charge her 200 dollars to steam it. She didn't pay to have it steamed thinking it was going to be cheaper when she arrived in San Diego. I didn't even let her take a chance and went out and bought the ConAir steamer for 30 bucks. I spent about 45 minutes and 8 trips to fill in the very small canister with water and her dress was ready. I highly recommend this steamer but advise to have a pitcher of water at arms length to refill the steamer.

La semana pasada fueron las vacaciones y la boda de mi hermano. La novia que vino de Miami con su vestido de novia y me dijo que la lavanderia le iba cobrar 200 dólares para limpiar traje al vapor. Ella no pago pensando que iba a ser más barato cuando llegara a San Diego. Ni siquiera me dejó tener una oportunidad y me fui a comprar el vapor ConAir por 30 dólares. Pasé alrededor de 45 minutos y 8 viajes para llenar el recipiente con agua y su vestido estaba listo. Recomiendo altamente este vaporizador, pero aconsejo tener una jarra de agua cerca.


  1. that's crazy. the dry cleaners near my parents charged me like $10 to get my wedding dressed steamed. the rates people will charge when it comes to anything wedding is ridiculous!



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