Blogging has been such an interesting experience. Through happenstance a fellow colleague and I were talking and she mentions how a close friend also blogs. she said the name of the blog and my jaw dropped. We could grow up together is one of my favorite blogs. As we talked about him it was as if I knew him when in actuality I've been reading his blog for about a year. I met him not to long ago and he is just as you would think by reading his blog. He lives in Hong Kong and travels the world photographing all over the place and also posts about food and whatever he thinks is beautiful and clothes of course. These are some recent pictures that are being featured in Men's Uno. I love the light house.

Escribiendo un blog ha sido una experiencia interesante. A través de un colega por casualidad estábamos hablando y ella menciona como un amigo cercano también escribe un blog. Ella dijo el nombre del blog y quede bocabierta. We Could Grow Up Together es uno de mis blogs favoritos. Tuve la oportunidad de conocerlo y es así como se podría pensar al leer su blog. Vive en Hong Kong y viaja por el mundo fotografiando y escribiendo de comida y todo lo que él piensa que es hermoso y de ropa porsupuesto. Estas son algunas fotos recientes que están siendo presentadas en Men's Uno.

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