Thursday Island

The blizzard is finally behind us but the snow is still around building barriers in the streets as I try to cross them. So I welcome these pictures of a desert and a camel. Thursday Island is a Korean brand insipired by vintage American clothes. I really like the camel.

La tormenta finalmente está en el pasado pero la nieve todavia esta aqui creando barreras an las calles y haciendolo dificil cruzarlas. Me alegra ver estas fotos de un desierto y un camello. Thursday Island es una marca coreana inspirada por ropa americana. Me encanta el camello, que simpatico.

oh, and the answer to the last post is C.


  1. i always think it's interesting when korean brands use all caucasian models. a fascinating reflection on the status of the western ideals in a homogenous culture that is known to be fairly unreceptive to outsiders.

  2. This looks like it was a totally fun photo shoot :)



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