Jeroen Van Tuyl

These are some of the Jeroen Van Tuyl summer ad campaign I thought were really great. The images are otherworldly and they remind me of The Never Ending Story for some reason. images via the fashionisto.

Estas son algunas imagenes de la campana de verano de Jereon Van Tuyl que yo pienso que son increible. Los imagenes son tan interesantes por alguna razon me recuerdan de la pelicula, The Never Ending Story.


  1. that last photo is gorgeous.

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  3. I agree with Miss B...that last photo is breath taking. I especially love the contrast of his shoes and gloves against the white of the horse. The bare ankle as well as the way the coat is caught in the wind are other details that I adore.

  4. I will have to third the vote. Last photo, out of control.



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