La Maison

One of the best parts of blogging at least for me is the discovery of new things be it designers, photographers, other blogs and stores like La Maison Simons from Canada. There are a lot of good styling points in these few pictures from their catalog. For instance, the pockets squares are not the usual classic white ones but they used black on black and a brown with a navy suit. The pattern on pattern with the vertical stripe shirt and the angled stripe tie is great. And the bow tie with the bold colored green shirt and suspenders is a great young look. Their catalog has other great looks for men and women take a second and browse.

Una de mis partes favoritas de blogging es el descubrimiento de nuevas cosas sean diseñadores, fotógrafos, otros blogs o tiendas como La Maison Simons de Canadá. Hay muchos toques en el estilismo de estos looks de el catálogo. Por ejemplo, los pañuelos de bolsillo no son los usales blancos sino usaron negro con negro y uno marron con un traje azul marino. El patron con patron en la camisa y la corbata es excelente. Y la pajarita combinada con la camisa verde y los tirantes se ve clasico y joven a la misma vez. Su catalogo tiene otros looks para hombres y mujeres tomate un segundo y visita su sitio web.


  1. i want that shirt in the top photo
    It is very close to my favorite shade of green

  2. Yes, love that first look! I almost purchased my first pair of suspenders for $19 at Urban the other day (didn't want to spend too much on my first "trial" pair) but I couldn't do it... still on the fence. Maybe I should start with a safe color like black (this particular pair was navy/red).

  3. I love how the classic looks have been updated with a quirky factor. Very modern and fresh looking!



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