Be it that its summer and layering becomes practically impossible, I've been thinking about t-shirts and ways they can be worn differently.

Ya que es el verano y ponerse mucha ropa es practicamente imposible, he estado pensando acerca de camisetas y la diferentes maneras de ponersela.

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  1. I usually refrain from wearing plain white Ts. While I would love to sport them in the summer, being they are a classic and powerful alternative to the collared shirt, I can't bring myself to do it for one reason - I'm already wearing a white T shirt (the LDS kind). Doubling up on white T's just seems redundant to me, esp when the undershirt pokes out of the collar. While it's also possible to get the scoop neck kind, I hate the line that is seen when you wear a white T or white dress shirt over it. As you can see, this has caused quite a bit of frustration for me. In a last ditch effort to 'make it work' I'm now on the look out for a thick, cotton white T, where lines will never be visible. I hear Lands End makes a good one.



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