Far, Far Away

GQ Japan94_2011_03_501

GQ Japan94_2011_03_502Julien Chanca

GQ Japan94_2011_03_503Helge Gjerstad&Julien Chanca

GQ Japan94_2011_03_504Douglas Jewell

GQ Japan94_2011_03_505Helge Gjerstad

GQ Japan94_2011_03_506Douglas Jewell&Julien Chanca

GQ Japan94_2011_03_507Helge Gjerstad

GQ Japan94_2011_03_508Helge Gjerstad&Douglas Jewell&Julien Chanca

GQ Japan March 2011
Photographer- Junji Hata
Fashion Editor- Masahiro Murase
Model- Helge Gjerstad, Douglas Jewell, Julien Chanca

Because this is the antithesis of my surroundings.
Por que esto es lo total opuesto de lo que me rodea. imagenes via excellentemodel

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