Interview: Jeff Tomsik

As I mentioned not too long ago, I worked with Jeff Tomsik and since I posted the pictures from that shoot they have consistently been one of the most visited posts on my blog. So I thought if you like the pictures so much lets find out a little more about him. I reached out to Jeff and he was kind enough to answer a few questions.

- How long have you been modeling?
- I've been modeling for about 6 years now once October hits.
- How did you get started?
- I actually originally got started by going to a casting call where I met my mother agent David Love, at Chosen in Chicago.
- What's your favorite place in the world?
- No place will ever beat home. When I say home I specifically think of my parents house in Medina, Ohio.
- Who have you worked with?
- I've had the amazing opportunity to work with several people from Vogue, Interview, Details, A&F, Ralph Lauren and many others.
- What has been your most memorable shoot?
My most memorable shoot will always be the shoot that I did with Kate Moss shot by Bruce Weber. Both people are so amazing and talented.
- What do you do when your not modeling?
- When I'm not modeling I like to hang out with my other friends or model buddies. You can find me in Central Park during the summer playing ultimate frisbee or at the basketball courts playing basketball. I also love to watch movies.
- What's currently on your playlist?
- Currently I've been listening to a lot of Rap to be honest but I love all types of music. I was actually listening to Elton John: Bennie and the Jets this morning along with Pete Townshend: "Let my love open the door." Honestly, I listen to a lot of different types of music depending on my moods. Ryan Adams is always a good go to for me as well.
- What does your exercise regimen consist of?
- Well, as you can see if you've followed me throughout my career my body has transformed many times. Depending on what I want to do I always switch up exercises. If I want to get big I lift and focus on muscle groups. When I want to stay lean I only run, never lifting, and I'll incorporate a light pushup bodyweight style work out once every few weeks.
You can follow him on Twitter
He is represented by Major [NY], Chosen [Chicago], Wilhelmina [LA], Next [Miami]

PH: Michael Brager
- Cuánto tiempo has estado modelando?
- He estado modelando por seis anos en octubre.
- Como empezaste en esta carrera?
-En realidad , originalmente tuve mi comienzo cuando fui a un casting call ahí es donde conocí mi agente David Love, en la agencia Chosen en Chicago, Illinois.
-Cual es tu sitio favorito?
-No hay lugar que le ganará a su casa, Cuando digo casa, pienso especificamente en la casa de mis padres en Medina, Ohio.
- Con quien has trabajado?
-He tenido la increíble oportunidad de trabajar con varias personas de Vogue, interview, Details magazine, A&F, Ralph Lauren y muchos mas.
-Cual es tu sesión de foto favorita?
- Mi sesión mas memorable siempre será la sesión que hice con Kate Moss y el fotógrafo Bruce Weber. Ambos son tan increíbles y talentosos.
-Que haces cuando no estas modelando?
- Cuando no estoy modelando me gusta salir con mis amigos o compañeros que también son modelos, Me puedes encontrar en el Parque Central durante el verano jugando ultimate frisbee o en las cancahs de baloncesto jugando al baloncesto. También me encanta ver peliculas.
Que musica estas escuchando actualmente?
- Actualmente, he estado escuchando un montón de Rap, para ser sincero, pero me encanta todo tipo de musica. Esta mañana yo estaba escuchando a Elton John: Bennie y los Jets, y Pete Townshend: "Let My Heart Open The Door." Honestamente, yo escucho un montón de diferentes tipos de musica dependiendo de mi humor. Ryan Adams siempre es un go-to para mi.
- En que consiste tu rutina de ejercicio?
-Asi como puedes ver, si usted me ha seguido a lo largo de mi carrera mi cuerpo se ha transformado muchas veces. Dependiendo de lo que quiero siempre cambio los ejercicios. Si quiero verme mas musculoso; levanto pesas y me concentro en los grupos musculares. Cuando quiero permanecer delgado solo corro, nunca levanto pesas, e incorpor en mi entrenamiento una ligera reflexion de brazos (o lagartijas) usando el peso de mi cuerpo para hacer el ejercicio cada par de semanas.
PH: Paul Reitz PH: Rodney Folkerts (includes Suit look above)

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