Billy Reid Holiday

Billy Reid Holiday 2011 Look Book

He has done it again! Here are just but a few of the amazing looks by the talented Billy Reid. Depending on where you live you can totally wear the whole look or just take of ac couple of layers. As for me, that three piece suit is calling out to me. What's your favorite look? To see the rest of the collection please visit

Él lo ha hecho nuevamente! Éstos son sólo algunos de los looks por el increíblemente talentoso Billy Reid. Dependiendo adonde vives tu puedes portar un de estos looks enteros o solo algunos de los elementos del look. En cuanto a mí, ese traje de tres piezas me esta llamando la atenció¿Cuál es tu look favorito?

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  1. Billy Reid is awesome. I have one or two of his things including a great unconstructed blazer. Btw, check your link. You've got the wrong "Billie"



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