The Right Fit

In The Dark for WWD
Photographer- Eli Schmidt
Stylist- Alex Badia
Models- Bart Grivvy, Lucas Goossens, Hampus Luck, Kacey Karrig, David H. and Jake Maden

It's a new year and this post reminds me how important it is to wear clothes that fit. Thanks to Alex Badia for also putting together such great color combinations and adding the tie clips. My favorite look is the navy and chocolate brown. images via fashionisto.

Es un nuevo año y este post me recuerda cuan importante es usar ropa que nos quede. Gracias a Alex Badia por hacer estas combinaciones de colores. Mi combinación favorita es la de azul marino y marrón chocolate. 


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    1. Not sure if I replied to this 2nd comment. But yes, I think the gloves are a cool touch.




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