3-Ways to Wear Bucks

3 Maneras de Usar Bucks 

JCrew Trilby hat and shirt, Club Monaco Jeans, G.H Bass Bucks

Calvin Klein t-shirt, Uniqlo leather belt, JCrew chinos, G.H Bass Bucks

Club Monaco Oxford, Ralph Lauren tie, Uniqlo chinos, G.H Bass Bucks

3-Ways to wear G.H Bass Bucks
Photographer- Matt Ramirez

When I saw these Bucks, the first thing that popped in to my head was "What can I wear this with?" Here I show you some different ways to style it.

Cuando vi estos Bucks la primera cosas que se me vino a la mente fue "Con que me puedo poner esto?" Aquí muestro algunas opciones. 

Here are other great colors for Bucks/Oxfords:


  1. And remind me again why you aren't a model?! I need you for a future styled shoot!

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