Kent And Curwen S/S 12

Sebastian Sauve0029_KENT & CURWEN SS12(J MEN March 2012)

Sebastian Sauve0028_KENT & CURWEN SS12(J MEN March 2012)

Kent And Curwen S/S 2012
Model- Sebastian Sauve at Soul Artist Management

There is a whole lot of great happening in this ad campaign. It's great to see a well executed look with a variety of patterns not to mention the tie also add some texture to it. Take note of the fit of the suit and how a little of the shirt cuff is visible. It's all in the details.

Esta campaña publicitaria es excelente por tantas razones. Me encanta ver un look que tenga tantos patrones aun mas, la corbata también brinda una textura al look. Toma nota de como le que da el gabán, vez que se ve un poco de la manga? Así se hace. 

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