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As I was walking on Houston Street in SoHo I couldn’t avoid seeing the four-story billboard for Concept, Calvin Klein’s new men’s underwear line, and wondering – are men really that particular about underwear? Remembering the last time I assisted a celebrity stylist, I quickly answered my own question: why yes, they are. I was once sent to get black Calvin Klein boxer briefs for a celebrity, and when he discovered they had a white elastic band rather than a black one, I was immediately sent back to buy him the all-black pair.

With the launch of Calvin Klein‘s Concept collection bringing their underwear line count to 16, I realized just how many pairs of underwear there are for men to choose from. We all know the classics like Hanes and Fruit of the Loom, which are known for comfort and cotton, but there are more options out there – with each one offering a little something special.

Take D.HEDRAL for example. This British label’s underwear is patented with ANGLEFIT technology and made with lightweight luxury Italian fabrics. There is also Garçon Model, a Canadian label that offers cutting-edge fashion and comfort while using premium fabrics. Then there are labels like Flint and Tinder – all their products, from fabric to packaging, are made in the USA. In the end it’s a matter of what’s important to the man buying the underwear – and once that decision is made, he will not back down (trust me on this one).

Garçon Model | Flint And Tinder | D.Hedral

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