Parke And Ronen S/S 14: Greek Idylls

The Parke and Ronen Spring/Summer 2014 collection included the swim trunks you'll need next summer and the cardigan that will go perfectly with it. With that said, one of the things that caught my eye during the show was the great combination of patterns in the looks. From far away some of these looked like pin dots or zig-zags but up close you'll see some great details. Here are a few of my favorite looks where the pattern combos were most impressive. And some detail shoots I took when I went backstage after the show.

La colección de Parke y Ronen de Primavera/Verano 2014 incluye los trajes de baños que vas a necesitar el año que viene y el cardigan que le hará juego perfectamente. Unas de las cosas que mas me llamo la atención fue la combinación de patrones. Desde lejos parecían puntitos o zigzags pero al verlos de cerca pude ver los detalles mas claramente. Aquí hay algunos de mis looks favoritos donde veras una gran combinación de patrones y algunas fotos que tome backstage después de la presentación.

Travis C. wears a knit mesh cardigan with a navy/gold check shirt and a pin dot patterned short.

(Coincidentally I chose the same model) He just happens to be dressed in pattern friendly looks.

Arran wears  a windbreaker with an awesome pattern, don't worry I got a close-up shot of it. 

Here are some close-ups I took after the show:
Algunas fotos que tome despues de la presentación:

Detail shot of the two looks worn by Travis C.

Great combinations!

A close-up of the windbreaker worn by Arran. What a cool pattern no?

Huge fan of the texture and pattern combo.

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