Interview: Pierre Bernheim of 88 Rue De Rhone Watches

Swiss luxury watch makers Pierre and Elie Bernheim launched 88 Rue de Rhone, the world's first accessible Swiss-made watch brand. Together they've created sleek and modern designs keeping true to the Swiss watch making heritage. I've asked Pierre to answer a few questions about the brand and his most memorable gift.

- Why should a man invest on a watch? 
For me a watch is a landmark, a reference. It is also one of the only jewels that a man can wear and it reflects his own image, story, personality.

- What makes 88 Rue du Rhone different from other watch companies out there? 
It’s ours (My brother and I)!

- How would you describe the 88RDR man? 
He is an elegant man, who likes classic things, stylish, but also contemporary. He is ambitious and confident and likes niche brands, he is a trendsetter, a modern entrepreneur and a Swiss watch connoisseur.

- How is it working along side your brother? 
We know each other very well and have a high trust. We know when it’s time to talk or make big decisions, and when we need time. We both work for family, it’s the same fight, and together we have complementary temperaments.

- Aside from a watch, what has been the most memorable gift you've ever received? 
For an object I would say a pilot jacket from my grandfather otherwise it is obviously my daughter!

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