Fashion Week Grooming Survival Guide

Never knowing who would be around and when the cameras may shoot my grooming regimen had to be on point. Below are some of my fashion week essentials and why I used them. 

Eau De Lacoste- Because when going in for a hug best to be greeted with a great scent.

The Art of Shaving Moisturizer- Because single digit temperatures plus wind chill equals bad news for your skin.

Altoids- Because fashion week is also a semi-annual reunion of stylists, editors, and bloggers with a lot of hellos and how are yous.

The Art of Shaving Facial Scrub- Because cleansing your skin after a day of shows and presentations is a must.

Chapstick- Because chapped lips are never fashionable.

The Art of Shaving Eye Gel- Because late night after parties and early morning shows - enough said.

Come to think of it, these items will help us all stay on point all the time!

1 comment:

  1. You can't go wrong with chapstick, especially this time of year! Hope you had a great NYFW!



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