Grooming Guide 2016

Originally motivated by Movember, I ended up keeping my beard once the month was over. During that time I learned how to take care of it. The arsenal that's been helping me maintain my beard, smile and skin healthy throughout the season include some well known names and some newcomers that are worth your consideration.

Hat- QP Collections | Shirt- Wrangler | Photographer- Ty Mecham

1-Kiehl's Age Defender Power Serum: There comes a time in every man's life that you have to admit that you are getting older. This anti-aging serum is light weight and not greasy. My skin feels refreshed as soon as I apply it.

2-Braun Series 9: A beard is great but keep it clean around the neck. This shaver will do just that and its such a close shave you'll be pleased every time.

3-Colgate Optic White: I've been using it for a few months now and noticed how much whiter my teeth are. Follow the instructions and you'll see a brighter smile!

4-Lab Series Instant Eye Lift: Not sure about you but sometimes my brain can't stop thinking when it's time to go to bed. Enter Lab Series's Instant Eye Lift for us insomniacs. 

5-Phillips Norelco Multigroom: This is the most essential tool you should have if you have a beard. With the easy to use attachments you'll feel empowered to take care of your beard.

6-Baxter Shave Tonic: As you're taking care of your beard don't forget skin maintenance. This tonic will help open pores and lift hair pre-shave. Post-shave it will help close pores and it will have you smelling minty fresh.

7- Redbeard Brand's Beer'd Conditioner: It has been a life saver during these harsh wintery days. I apply it to my beard and it's helped avoid dry skin and I'm a fan of the eucalyptus scent.

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