Ending Fast

A few posts ago I mentioned a friend's goal to not shop for one year. She is almost done with her fashion fast and these are a couple of her insights. To read the rest visit her blog.

3. Think Long-Term. Most fashion magazines will hate that I am saying this, but don't feel inclined to change your wardrobe to meet the current fads. Fads are fads because they don't last forever. Style is classic, enduring, smart. Find your personal style and stick to it. When shopping, ask, "Would I wear this in five years? Or is it something that is only appealing for this season?" Go with the piece that you will still love putting on in the morning five years from now.

4. Remember: Quality, not Quantity. American women tend to think, "Okay, I have X amount of cash, so that means I need to get as many articles of clothing possible with my limited funds." On the other hand, most European women think, "Okay, I have X amount of cash, so that means I need to find one, good quality item that is perfect for me." Blowing your fashion budget on clothing that will literally fall apart at the seams in 3 months is not worth your money or time. Spend your energies on a piece that is gorgeous, durable, and works just as hard as you do.

-Congrats CH!

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