Save a Sole or two

I have a pair of black leather ankle boots that I got at Banana Republic over five years ago that I love. They go great with jeans and a t-shirt or dress pants and a button down. I love them so much that the soles, shoe laces, and inserts were getting, lets just say very broken-in. Then I flipped through this page on GQ and knew what I had to do. I had to find a cobbler or shoe repair guy (however you want to call him) to help breath life back to my poor boots. I thought I could do it myself but alas the boots needed professional attention. So for 40 bucks I got brand new looking ankle boots that I love and are already broken in. If you have a pair of shoes that are looking a little worn but you love them too much to part with them; visit your local cobbler or shoe repair guy, (whatever you want to call him) and save their sole!

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