Meet and Greet...Sean Harju at Major

I met Sean a couple of years ago on the set of a British GQ shoot and luckily have had the chance to work on other shoots with him. This last weekend a few blocks away from the Lincoln center I had the opportunity to meet up with Sean and chat for a few minutes about modeling and long boarding.

Hometown- Shady Cove, Oregon
How long have you been modeling? 5 years
How did you get started? The teachers aid in my junior year in High school had a modeling agency come to school for career day. After a few meetings they started representing me. My mother agency in Oregon got me hooked up with Major here in New York.
Who have you worked with? GQ was my 1st editorial, I've also worked with Details, Flaunt, Russian GQ, GQ Style, Japanese Vogue, Surface Magazine, British GQ to name a few.
What has been your most memorable shoot? It was for H&M St Lucia, 2 days.... we flew in one evening shot for a day and left the next morning.
What do you do when your not modeling? Long boarding. I asked him the difference between a long board and a skate board, he said long boards are mainly for speed and more carving. Skate boards are for tricks.
What's currently on your playlist? Trapt, Rock, Alternative, Country, R&B, everything. I’m not really a music hater. What I listen to depends on my mood. above pics by A.Lopez

¿De donde eres? Shady Cove, Oregon
¿Por cuánto tiempo has estado modelando? 5 años
¿Cómo empezaste modelando? Una maestra ayudante en mi tercer año de escuela secundaria invito una agencia de modelaje a una feria de trabajos en mi escuela. Después mi madre agencia me conecto con Major aqui en Nueva York.
¿Con quién has trabajado? Mi primer editorial fue con GQ, también he trabajado con Details, Flaunt, GQ Rusia, GQ Style, Vogue Japónes, Surface magazine, GQ UK por nombrar algunos.
¿Cuál has sido la sesion de fotos mas memorable? H&M en St. Lucia, 2 dos dias... Llegamos en la noche trabajamos durante el dia y nos fuimos la mañana siguiente.
¿Qué haces cuando no estas modelando? Long boarding. Le pregunté cual es la diferencia entre long boarding y una patineta y me dijo que long boarding es mas para velocidad mas talla. Y patinetas son mas para los trucos.(si sabes traducir long board favor dejarme saber, gracias)
¿Qué estás escuchando actualmente en tu ipod? Trapt, alternative, country, R&B de todo. Realmente no soy un enemigo de la música. Todo depende en mi humor.
pics from
Numero Homme

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