No Collar, No Problem

The henley is something that needs to be on your radar. In this GQ editorial we can see actor Matt Bomer from the show White Collar show us different styles and ways to wear it. If there is something that guys need is to be open to more fashion choices. T shirts and button downs are not the only choices and if you own polos that is a great start. Continue to expand your wardrobe by adding some henleys, wear it under a jacket or cardigan or shirt with the sleeves rolled up. These have been around for a couple of centuries so its time you get with the times. Photographer- Carter Smith

El henley es algo que tiene que estar en tu radar. En este editorial de GQ podemos ver el actor Matt Bomer del show White Collar que nos muestra diferentes estilos y formas de usarlo. Si hay algo que hombres necesitan es estar mas abiertos a más opciones de moda. Camisetas y camisas no son las únicas opciones y si usted es dueño de polos eso es un gran comienzo. Continua expandiendo su guardarropa añadiendo el henley, pontelo bajo una chaqueta o un suéter o una camisa con las mangas arremangadas. Estas han exisitido por siglos, es hora que actualizes tu look.


  1. Way to tell it like it is!

    This actor clearly has the body to pull off this look with the open well as the absence of a certain undershirt. I'll have to start inserting a few of these into my husband's wardrobe for him to experimenting. :)

  2. Hi, thanks so much for these tips! My blogs usually do bring readers and responses. One thing I do is engage with the readers. Answer questions in responses and make clarifications where needed. I think they appreciate that I take the time to talk to them.



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