Interview: Vincent LaCrocq

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Vincent LaCrocq is one of the classic models, you can expect to see him in ad campaigns, runway shows and everywhere in between year in and year out. ranks him #24 which is not to be taken lightly. Here we see how fashion has influenced him in another one of his passions, film making.

- Hometown
- Bagnolet, France

- How long have you been modeling?
- Almost a decade already.

- How did you get started?
- I was skateboarding in France and then a model scout saw me and just ran as fast as he could to catch me. Lol, then as they say what happened was history and it changed my life.

- What's your favorite place in the world?
- My hometown of course and then Brooklyn is second.

- What do you do when your not modeling?
- Skateboarding in the streets of Brooklyn or wherever I am, doing films, playing the drums for a friend's band and partying.

- How long have you been doing films?
- For a couple years now. I just loved it and when I love something I pursue it.

- Where do you get inspiration for your films?
- The environment, the people that I see and meet everyday, my friends and I pay attention to what people love and think about these days.

-How has fashion influenced your films?
- A lot. Fashion has made me more creative and very stylish. The clothes on my films have to be good and fit the role of the characters and their personas on the film. I also use my model friends or other models to be my stars for the film. Overall it made me more creative and to think outside the box because fashion is about everything including taking risks and different styles.

photo by Alasdair McLellan with Jacquelyn Jablonski

This is one of my favorite short films he's done. Make sure to check out the rest of his work at and his vimeo channel . Yes, he's on twitter too, @IamFishTaco00

- De donde eres?
- Bagnolet, Francia

- Cuanto tiempo has estado modelando?
- Unos diez años.

- Como empezaste en esta carrera?
- Estaba en mi patineta en Francia y un model scout me vio y empezó a correr hasta que me alcanzo. Haha, como dicen el resto es historia y mi vida cambio para siempre.

- Cual es tu ciudad favorita?
- Claramente mi ciudad natal y Brooklyn en segundo lugar.

- Que haces cuando no estas modelando?
- Me paso patinando en las calles de Brooklyn o donde sea que me encuentre, haciendo películas, tocando la batería en la banda de mi amigo o festejando.

- Por cuanto tiempo has estado haciendo películas?
- Por unos cuantos años. Me encanto y cuando me gusta algo me esfuerzo a lo máximo.

- Adonde consigues inspiración para tus películas?
- Del ambiente, de la gente que veo y conozco día tras día. Mis amigos y yo observamos lo que le gusta a la gente y en lo que piensan.

- Como ha influenciado la moda a tus películas?
- Bastante. La moda me ha hecho mucho mas creativo y stylish. La ropa en mis películas tienen que ser excelentes y tienen que compaginar con el personaje en la película. También uso mis amistades que son modelos o contrato otros modelos para protagonizar en las películas. En general la moda me ha hecho  mas creativo y me enseña a pensar mas allá de lo común. La moda trata de todo especialmente te motiva a tomar riesgos y experimentar con diferentes estilos.

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