Links of the Week

A round-up of interesting sites, links, and everything in between found on the web.

Thanks to Marlon Gobel's twitter feed @MarlonGobel I found out about It's the men's version of pinterest. Take a look.

This cool tumblr, Copping and Scheming, has humor, a preppy with a slight hip-hop menswear point of view, and pretty girls.

My friend at The House That Lars Built has started a new post series called THIS GUY. She gets an image of a guy and makes up a little bio using images based on what he's wearing, it's great.

I'm fascinated by how bad the new Chanel No.5 commercial is. It made me look up one of the last ones they did with Audrey Tautou and Travis Davenport @TraviswSoul, now, that's a great commercial.

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