Favorite Four: Seasonal Milkshakes

Blame whoever you want but we've been mislead to think that only warm drinks like hot chocolate and lattes with a pump of pumpkin syrup will get us in the holiday mood. I took one for the team and went around town tasting seasonal milkshakes and let me tell you it was a delicious undertaking. 

1- McDonalds, Eggnog Shake

I was looking for the whole package and this one came close. Their shake had a great presentation- whip cream will always win me over and it had a great smooth taste.

2- Burger King, Gingerbread Cookie shake

Overall, my favorite shake out there. It's served with whip cream crushed gingerbread cookie on top. You will also find gingerbread cookie chunks inside the shake! It's the fall season in a cup. I've come back for more on multiple occasions this past month.

3- Jack in the Box, Eggnog Ice Cream shake

Points for having two seasonal shakes. If you love eggnog here you'll find the best in town, love the creamy taste. Also in their arsenal, the pumpkin ice cream shake it's definitely worth a try.

4- Jamba Juice, Pumpkin Smash

A lot healthier than the other options and not exactly a milkshake but I still had to try it out. At first sip you'll think you're drinking a liquified pumpkin pie and that's a wonderful thing. The spices give it a more authentic pumpkin pie-esq experience.

Now, you have more options on tasty holiday drinks. You're welcome.

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