Two Lights- We Were Young Video

Two Lights- We Were Young
Director- Paul Gallasch

Remember that great band I told you guys about? Well, Two lights just came out with a new music video. It was directed by their friend Paul Gallasch, a documentary filmmaker who's recent film Killing Anna just won the Sydney Film Festival's Best Documentary Prize (among others) ( Abner (vocals/keys/guitar) tells us, "The idea was to have a simple video that captured us as a band in a natural and authentic setting." I asked them about what they wore in the video, especially the cool jacket the drummer is wearing. The jacket is from a store called Superdry and everything else ranges from stores like Scoop NYC, vintage, to hand me downs, to a shirt picked up on a trip to Thailand. This is just one more way they kept things authentic, they wore what made them comfortable. Mission accomplished guys, as I watched the video it certainly felt like I was in there at the studio watching all the magic happen and not distracted by some party scene or unrelated love story unfolding between verses.

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