Watch These Before Heading to NYFW

In just a few days New York Fashion Week will be upon us and in full force. I'm excited to say this will be my third season attending the shows. Boy, time flies! Thinking back, one thing that helped me prepare and understand the ins and outs of a fashion show was watching a couple of documentaries and even a reality show I found on Netflix. Here's a list of titles you should add to your queue right now to get ready for fashion week!

Dir. James Belzer

Released in 2012, The Tents chronicles how the tents moved from Bryant park to its new home at the Lincoln Center. This documentary explains the history of fashion week  in New York and who were some of the people responsible for making it what it is today.

Dir. Richard Press

Bill Cunningham is a beloved member of the fashion community and as we learn in this film he sees himself completely outside if it and just here to document its evolution. Watching this film will give you glimpse in to his life and his dedication to fashion.

Kell On Earth is a reality show from Bravo that follows Kelly Cutrone's New York public relations firm for a season. Although, I found the whole thing entertaining the first couple of episodes are specifically about fashion week and we get to see the before, during and after of a fashion show from her point of view. There is even a scene where she has to fight a former client on the phone who hasn't paid. Worth it!

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