At The Details TxT Summit

The 1st annual Details Tech & Tastemakers Summit in NYC was a great way to start off New York Fashion Week. I was blown away by the variety and caliber of not only style influencers but also leaders in technology that were in the panels such as Tommy Ton from, Nick Wooster, Eric Jennings from Saks Fifth Avenue and Pete Cashmore from One of the overall messages I noticed throughout the summit was the importance of being genuine and consistent with content. During the Content x Commerce panel something that jumped out at me was the importance of having a narrative and point of view. The customer/reader needs that in order to be engaged and keep coming back. Here are a few sound bites from the the summit that jumped out at me.

"Work hard and sacrifice your social life, it's hard work."- Tommy Ton @JakandJilBlog, referring to working on his website.

"Work hard and show up. Reward them by giving the new stuff." - Megan Collins @StyleGF

"Niche is the new mass."- Eric Kuhn @Kuhn  from United Talent Agency

"Instead of calling them bloggers we call them socialites."- Daniel Saynt @danielsaynt Fashion Indie/Socialyte

"Women Shop, men buy."- Christine Bender @ChristineBender from Armani Exchange

"Make sure your pitch is clear and to the point."- Eric Jennings @EJNY from Saks Fifth Avenue

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