Lucio Castro Spring/Summer 2015 Collection

New York Men's Day or NYMD for short was a huge success. It gave opportunity for a slew of menswear designers to showcase their collections under one roof and maximize exposure for all. I had a moment to speak with Lucio Castro about his collection. One of the things that sparked the beginning of this collection was a conversation he had with a friend about his life in eastern europe in the 70's and 80's. Castro references "Soviet summer" and the desolate beach towns of Odessa and Sopot. You'll find     somber colors like tan, navy and grey and some more bright colors like teal and pink. Castro shared a couple of interesting facts about the construction of the clothes which are described below.

Love the extra long ribbing on the sleeve on this polo.

Grey looks great all year round.

This hoodie was made out of a towel the designer found himself in Croatia.

This polka dot pattern was made using wax, dyeing it and then taking the wax off. No two circles are the same.

The polka dots were used throughout the collection including as lining for blazers and coats.

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