The Parke & Ronen Spring 2015 collection was named after Dickie Greenleaf the protagonist of the movie, The Talented Mr. Ripley. One of the characters in the movie describes him, "Dickie was probably having the time of his life over there. An income, a house, a boat. Why should he want to come home? Dickie's face was becoming clearer in his memory: he had a big smile, blondish hair with crisp waves in it, a happy-go-lucky face." Who wouldn't have a happy-go-lucky face with a wardrobe like this? The variety of looks in this collection provides all the right choices for an escape to the Italian Riviera.

Taking the track pants to the next level. Here they are in linen.

Finally, florals swim trucks that look manly.

The collection has all the lengths or lack of for your swimwear needs.

You can't go wrong with cool stripes,

I went back stage to get a closer look at the collection. It's all about the great patterns and details on the shirts, swimwear and shorts.

See more of the models backstage at Adentro Style Annex.

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