What I Wore: Fashion Week Edition

In my opinion, one of the most important things to remember when preparing to attend fashion week is to feel confident with what you're wearing. There is no point on wearing something "cool" when its not you or its physically uncomfortable. When choosing what I was going to wear on one of the days I was attending shows I reached for my favorite jeans from Jacob Davis. The Benjamin Franklin sweater is from upcoming designer, Fabrice Tardieu added a graphic wow factor. The weather was also something to be mindful of so the extra layers were a must with Isaora, J.Crew, Men In Cities, Rockport and Kaibosh sunglasses. I was warm and felt great going from show to show.

En mi opinión, una de las cosas mas importantes de recordar cuando uno se prepara para ir a los shows de Fashion Week es de sentirse seguro y comodo con lo que tenga puesto. No hay ningún punto en ponerse algo "cool" si es algo que no te sienta y es fisicamente incomodo. Para el primer dia que asistí a los shows me puse mis jeans favoritos de Jacob Davis. El suéter con la cara de Benjamin Franklin de diseñador Fabrice Tardieu añade un factor grafico. Yo tuve que tener en mente el clima por eso me puse Isaora, J.Crew, Men In Cities, Rockport y las gafas de Kaibosh. Yo estaba comodo hiendo de show a show. 

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