Elements Of A Kick A** Rooftop Party

Summer in NYC means longer days, hotter nights and rooftop parties! After much thought and planning I threw myself a birthday rooftop party last week, because yolo. Thanks to the following key elements the party was a total success!

Location, location, location…
I was able to find an amazing rooftop in SOHO that my dear friends at ASTRSK PR allowed me to use.

Let them eat…donuts!
I reached out to The Awkward Scone and they made their noteworthy birthday donuts and mini donuts. Everyone was raving about how delicious they were and they guiltlessly had more than one. So don't bother getting a birthday cake- that's old news. And don't even get me started on ice cream cakes. Think of the mess, think of your guests!

Mouth watering- Vanilla glazed and black currant glazed mini donuts.

While we're on the subject of delicious treats…
Let me introduce you to Michel Et Augustin, they are new to the states coming from a faraway land known for tasty treats, France. I had to share with my friends my discovery. They're chocolate cookies brought the savory selections to new heights. Their individual packaging made them great for the party. 

Chill out…
It's summer and one of my main concerns were the beverages. I needed something big enough that I knew would keep them cold all throughout the party. Enter, Icemule Coolers. Not your old school metal bucket these Icemules were just the ticket. I had dozens of cans and they all fit and were ice cold all night long. Which meant one less thing for me to worry about.

Photos by Marieli

Eat, drink and play games…
Have you ever heard of the Kooba Game? It was a lot of fun to have some at the party. Everyone was new to it so it was great to have everyone on the same playing field. Guests enjoyed learning together! It's like darts but with sticks. 

The darts or as they call them Aeros have 3 magnets when you throw them to the board they stick!
I had two sets of the Kooba Game because I didn't want there to be a long line. 
What to wear, what to wear…
I knew this was a burning question, haha. I kept it simple with a Mack Weldon t-shirt. Actually, I wore two just in case the temperature dropped. It was in the 60's- I was so comfortable. I got compliments all night long as people gave me hugs. "Your t-shirt is so soft" all night long. I also had some Frameri shades on hand. Needles to say, I was smiling all through the night.

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  1. I always find rooftop parties classy and for this reason only I have decided to throw my next party at rooftop SF event venues. Hope everyone will like my arrangements and will be able to enjoy at the party.



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