The Man's Guide To Decorating

With the season changing I think its time you rethink your living quarters and take a look at these friendly decorating pointers. I had Kalam Dennis from answer a few questions on how to start decorating and furnishing your place. Plus, as you read on you'll find some helpful hints on bedding, like what does thread count mean and more!

When buying furniture, what piece of furniture should one start with in the living room? Does it even matter?

It's best to start with a piece that you truly love—whether it's a sofa, a rug, a credenza, or a coffee table. Once you've found something that gets you excited you can plan around it without compromising your space. Of course everyone needs a sofa, but that might not be the piece you want to build around.  I'd suggest shopping around in all categories until something catches your eye. You can then start building from that piece outwards.

How can I get the most from the AptDeco website?

AptDeco has an absolutely huge catalog at every type and price range that encompasses all of New York, D.C., and the surrounding areas. The catalog also changes every day based on sellers posting and move-out dates, so it's important to know what's there and be able to act fast.  The catalog includes lots of filters to help you get specific. If you only have a broad idea of what you want, the Collections and our Shop By Style sections are a great way to get some inspiration.

Are there brick and mortar locations too?

In their own way, thousands of homes across NYC and DC are AptDeco's brick and mortar locations. But we do not keep a storefront or warehouse for furniture pieces.

Where do you recommend men can get inspiration ideas for decorating their homes?

When decorating it's good practice to visit furniture stores near you to get some inspiration. Much like fashion, furniture is a big seasonal industry and with the change of season comes a change in style. Designers also tend to recommend homeowners to visit boutique or small hotels around different neighborhoods to explore their takes on interior design. Another great way to get inspiration is through our popular Pinterest boards, which have been hand-curated by our designers, or by following sites like or to discover the latest trends in design.

Now that we've discussed furniture I think there is another dimension least thought about by men- how the room smells. The sense of smell affects greatly how a person feels about a room and if you have a guest over you want to make sure to make them feel comfortable in every way. One of my favorite candle companies is Diptyque. This French company has been around for decades and they have mastered the art of creating alluring scents for men and women. For men, they recommend scents with a woody base like OUD, described as a woody and leather scent, intense and rooty. Other scents like the classic Feu de Bois and Amber also fall under the woody family and are great options. If you prefer a more floral scent the Baies scent is the one for you, which is a combination of red fruits and rose.

Did you know Greg Shugar founder of the put together a great website called specifically designed to make men's live's easier when it comes to all our bedding needs? Not only will you find bed sheets made with men in mind but also the Bedding University. This tab will clarify all those bewildering terms like thread count, weave and what's the difference between a comforter and a duvet. You're welcome!

WOOLRICH Turns 185!

There aren't a lot of companies that can say they're celebrating their 185th anniversary- congrats Woolrich John Rich & Bros.! As part of their celebration an intimate fête was held at the Soho, NYC location. To make the festivities extra special Fashion Illustrator Blair Breitenstein aka @Blairz showed drawings inspired by the Fall 2015 collection. Josh Rich 8th generation descendent of John Rich who founded the Woolrich Company took a moment to answer a couple of questions about the 185th anniversary collection.

Rocco Scazzariello, Blair Breitenstein and Josh Rich

-What elements from the archives were used in the FW15 collection as part of the 185th anniversary?

The Hunting Coat and Hunting Vest in Traditional Woolrich Hunting Check which is part of the Pennsylvania Tuxedo. Also different blanket patterns that were used as lining in the Arctic Parka.
The Greenlander Stripes (pop color stripes on cream color Wool) which were mainly used in the 70’s for Coats and Blankets. Also, different blanket patterns from the Civil War series in Wool Coats and linings.

-What piece from the collection would you say everyman should own?

Definitely the Arctic Parka which is an absolute timeless piece that can be worn for every occasion and with every kind of outfit.

-Which are your favorite pieces?

Different interpretations of the classic Arctic Parka in Stretch Cordura and Gore Tex and there are also very soft and luxurious Cashmere sweaters.

--As a bonus I also asked Blair Breitenstein a few questions about her great illustrations too!

-You typically focus on womenswear illustrations, how was it for you to interpret the Woolrich woman and man?

The Woolrich man was easy to interpret for me because the Arctic Parka is essentially the same on a man or a woman! I simply sharpened the edges on the men's faces and shoulders to enhance the masculinity of the sketches... To create a contrast to my round slim female figures. I exaggerated square shoulders and jawlines on the men wearing the Pennsylvania tuxedos as well.... Just because I like to exaggerate! 

-Will you be doing more menswear illustrations in the near future?

I still prefer drawing women's clothing to men's clothing...I just find them more interesting in the way of shape/ volume and color. 

-What's your favorite piece from the FW15 collection?

I loved the Woolrich Mink, black and red polka dot cape! 


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