When The Saints Come Marching In

About a year ago I wrote about a particular store and how I was not excited for its presence in Soho and for that matter New York City. A couple of weeks ago I noticed a new store on Broadway, All Saints. Now, this is the kind of store I think of when I think NYC. I welcome you with open arms. This British store is amazing to just walk around in. The clothes are great, gray, beige, black and every variation of those cover the two levels of the store. They carry men's, women's and children's wear. My favorite are the shoes, the leather and style they already look broken in, great.

Hace aproximadamente un año escribí acerca de una tienda en particular cullo presencia en la ciudad no me gusta. Hace dos semanas note una tienda nueva en Soho en Broadway, All Saints. Ahora, esta es la clasa de tienda que yo pienso debe estar en la ciudad. Le doy una cordial bienvenida. Esta tienda britanica es increible aun para solo id y ver la tienda. La ropa es excelente, gris, crema, negro, y toda variacion de esos colores cubren los dos niveles de la tienda. Ellos tienen ropa de hombres, de damas, y de niños. Mi favorito son los zapatos, el cuero y diseños son increibles.

Some pictures of the store. The design is great and the details amazing. They even have IPads around the store to check out the website.

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