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Shirt Hugh & Crye | Pants JCrew | Tie Club Monaco | Shoes Chuck Taylors

As I was looking through the Hugh & Crye website I saw a lot of great shirts. All I was thinking about is how I didn't want another white or blue shirt. Luckily, they have a wide variety of colors and cuts. I chose the Mather, it's a perfect light grey grid pattern and it'll transition from summer to fall with ease. The color and small pattern lend itself to be considered a neutral color. I think a wide variety of ties will go great with this shirt because of the light shade and size of the pattern; they wont compete with each other. The fit is great, it's comfortable and I can make a lot of combinations with it- three very important things.

Cuando visite el sitio de web de Hugh & Crye vi muchas camisas. Yo no quería otra camisa blanca o azul. Afortunadamente, ellos tienen una gran selección de camisas de varios colores y cortes. Escogí el modelo Mather, me parece el perfecto tono de gris y será fácil de usar durante el verano y el otoño. El corte me queda bien, es cómodo y se me ara simple combinar diferentes estilos de corbatas con la camisa, tres cosas muy importantes. 

Love the combination of stripes with the grid.
ph: NCD

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  1. Great job on the finishing touches



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