French Men Always Break Your Heart

Michael Bastian Spring/Summer 2014 Collection

As you entered the The Pierre hotel on fifth avenue the surroundings already started transporting you to the elegant world of Michael Bastian. Once in to the ballroom a grand piano sat patiently in the middle of the room while surrounded by an army of golden chairs and everyone took their seats. The anticipation was building as a beautiful young woman in a white dress starts singing, heads to the piano and the show begins.

Alice Smith setting the mood at the show.

Max (Fusion) - It's all in the details like a gray/blue/red check jacket with a pleated formal shirt. He also wears a 'Tony' porkpie hat with a leopard camo belt.

The set-up of the show allowed for all in attendance to have "the best seat in the house."

Alexander (Soul) - This was my view from where I sat. Throughout the collection leopard print was used on sweaters like this one, on belts, and on pants.

I was then able to see the looks from different angles.  In other words #MichaelBastian360

As the models finished walking around the room they all waited on the stage.
The collections was filled with a variety of patterns like argyle, leopard print, and checks to name a few. Michael Bastian explained that he was inspired by different French men's style. He said, "The inspiration initially came from observing the French guys in my life, as well as movies like The Red Balloon, The Dreamers, and the classic movies by Jacques Tati." As a result, the collection is mixed with chic casual elegance.

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