Le Bon Marche Has Some Great News For Men

When I received the invitation to speak with Isabelle Picard the Public Relations Director for Le Bon Marche Group, I knew I had to attend. Established in 1852, Le Bon Marche is one of the oldest department stores in the world. It just so happens that while I studied in Paris, France I lived a few blocks away from this special place. Isabelle explained all the new developments at the historic building one of which is the renovation of the men's department. Being true to the founders philosophy of creating a space where the customer would feel comfortable and at home the men's department was designed to look like a real apartment. The department is divided into several sections: Le Bureau (the office), Le Gymnase (the gym), La Bibliotheque (the library) and others. Isabelle spoke softly and delicately but her enthusiasm was very apparent as a new phase of the story of Le Bon Marche was underway.

New to the Men's Department, a traditional barber shop will give you one more excuse to stay a little longer. 

The Gallery section has a unique collection of furniture to showcase the current collections.

Love the vibe of this room with all the old school sports equipment. 

I'm glad to see that even our friend across the pond are finally seeing the importance of giving us guys some more attention and making our shopping experience more enjoyable. We like nice things and we like to be comfortable while doing it too. Images by Gabriel De La Chappelle

If you're planning a trip to Paris or you're already there check out the new digs and let me know what you think!

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